Monday 30 March 2015

Now is the spring of their discontent

Plots, back stabbings, coups and civil wars are nothing new in the ranks of 'Welsh' Labour as the people of Swansea and Cardiff can testify, so despite the odd rumble of discontent, it is perhaps all the more remarkable that Kevin Madge has managed to get through three years as leader of Carmarthenshire County Council.

Massive spending cuts, a torrent of scandals, huge increases in council tax and other charges at a time when household budgets have been under intense pressure, being shackled to Mark James and the marriage of convenience with Meryl Gravell and Pam Palmer have not made Kev's time at the top a happy one.

Kevin Madge and the county council are electoral toxic waste, as Labour's canvassers are discovering, and so it comes as no surprise to hear that moves are once again afoot in Llanelli to ditch the walking disaster from Garnant.

One of Labour's biggest problems in Carmarthenshire is that its gene pool of talent is vanishingly small. Only two of Labour's front bench team could be serious contenders for the leadership, and only one of them comes from Llanelli. He does not wear a beehive, either.

But will he take the plunge?


Anonymous said...

New Boy Jeff Edmunds ? Colin Evans- Ammanford or outsider but very capable Anthony Jones Llandybie Current Chair of Planning
Labour AGM deferred until 8th May

Anonymous said...

I am just waiting for a Labour canvasser to turn up at my house and I am going to have great pleasure in explain why I wont be voting for the party because of the local labour parties antics on the council.

My list of grievances are of course headed by the unlawful payments but include rent rises, rates rises and an over enthusiastic approach to implementing the govt cuts agenda.

Living wage, attitude to unions I could go on and on and on.

Despite sitting on very healthy reserves they insist on cutting services one of which is to cut an autistic unit in Carmarthen and this from a Labour administration - yes a Labour administration !.

The local Labour party should be thoroughly ashamed and this goes for the Llanelli caucus as well. They have had it in their power to change things but have sat on their hands doing nothing to help local hard working class people.

If Callum gets in it will be in spite of local labour and not because of them !