Tuesday 24 March 2015

Llanelli Hustings

Plaid Cymru is proposing that the political parties come together to hold hustings in all of the wards in the Llanelli constituency where Vaughan Williams is challenging Labour's 93-year grip on the town in the general election.
This is a very ambitious plan and is designed to increase voter participation, with Plaid's agent Cllr Gwyn Hopkins, citing the extraordinary level of engagement by voters of all ages and backgrounds across Scotland in the independence referendum as an example of what can be achieved.
Vaughan Williams has been fighting what must be the most energetic campaign anywhere in Wales, and he has worked particularly hard to involve young voters. This picture of Vaughan's core campaign team tells its own story:

Plaid has asked the various party agents to meet as a matter of urgency to try to get the ball rolling.

Apart from Vaughan Williams for Plaid and Nia Griffith for Labour, the line-up in Llanelli includes Siân Caiach (People First), Ken Rees (LibDem Ukip) and Selaine Saxby, the Wiltshire-based sports bra entrepreneur standing for the Tories.

Labour's has not yet said whether it will go along with the idea, but has indicated that it is prepared to meet the other agents. 

Meanwhile things are hotting up in Ceredigion where Mike Parker for Plaid is challenging Mark Williams for the LibDems.

In a sign of desperation, the LibDems have taken to carpet bombing Newcastle Emlyn with Mark Williams leaflets, presumably in the hope that voters in Carmarthen East and Dinefwr will flock across the Teifi to vote for their man.


Emlyn Uwch Cych said...

In an act of charity, I have been telling Cardie DimLib HQ for years that Cenarth and Llangeler wards are not in Cardieland.

But the Mark Williams leaflets keep on coming (and nothing from whoever the Carms East, post-Julianna, candidate is).

Another Williams missive came yesterday. I give up; if they want to waste their money in the wrong county, that's up to them.

Anonymous said...

The only time I hear of a Hustings is when the PCS Union tells me to attend to either help some candidate or heckle another candidate. If a list of hustings was publicly available without having to go through hoops, then you'll get a lot more engagement from the local community. Work with the Llanelli Star and anyone else who can get the message out, and say "this is a list of all the hustings we know of and will be attending". We can then attend those closest to us and engage in politics for once.

West Wales Chronicle said...

West Wales Chronicle hosts – Llanelli Westminster Candidates Debate

30th April 2015 at Morfa Social Club

Submit Question: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Llanelli-Westminster-Candidates-Debate/1421787404800184?fref=ts