Wednesday 11 June 2014

Nathan Gill breaks his silence - well nearly (Updated)

Golwg360 has succeeded in getting a response of sorts from Ukip to the recent revelations about Nathan Gill, the recently elected Ukip MEP for Wales. Or rather the news service managed to speak to a Ukip spokesperson who said that the press had been attacking Gill "for being kind to foreigners".

The spokesperson told Golwg360 that this was a new press tactic, adding that Nathan Gill had not done anything wrong, and that there was no case to answer.

A Hull Daily Mail article in which it was claimed that Gill had treated foreign workers better than locals was "very unfair" because those making the accusations had not given their names.

Ukip also refused to answer questions about Gill's religion, his claim that he was not a professional politician and the employment of Eastern Europeans in the family's care home business.


Golwg360 said it had been trying unsuccessfully to contact the elusive MEP since revelations about his past emerged last week.

An observant reader spotted him in a family snapshot of Farage's new troops arriving in Brussels earlier this week (just to the right of Nigel Farage):

Meanwhile, Daily Wales reports that Gill's biography has mysteriously disappeared from the Ukip Wales website.

There is also a Facebook page dedicated to our man in Brussels which consists for the most part of messages and videos of people pledging their support. They include a rather stiff performance from Jana, Mr Gill's American wife, telling is why we should vote for her man, and another of a public meeting in Anglesey where two of Gill's young sons were pressed into service to read from a prepared script.

The family business is alive and well.


A previous version of this piece referred to a website being set up in the name of Nathan Gill. It is now clear that this website has nothing to do with the MEP of the same name.

The author of this blog would like to offer sincere apologies for this error.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I can't read Welsh but if you have summed the report up accurately,it is,as I suspected, a non-story.

He hasn't, on the face of it, done anything wrong. His dad has, 26 years ago, but as you have quite rightly said he shouldn't be critisised for the sins of a parent.

His religion is his own concern - I dont care if he worships fairies at the bottom of the garden as long as it doesn't affect his pulic duty.

Time to move on I think.

Cneifiwr said...

Actually what I wrote was that anyone with as many skeletons in the closet should come clean about it before facing the voters.

Rank hypocrisy, concealing inconvenient truths and lying may not be illegal, but it's not what most of us would want to vote for.

Anonymous said...

He hasn't, on the face of it, done anything wrong. Really ?

1. Employing foreigners in Hull - a city with very historically high unemployment levels. Why would he do this? Plenty of Hull people looking for work at this time surely ?
2. Accommodating these vulnerable workers 6 to room, 46 to a house, and charging them £50 a week for a bed in a bunkhouse. Now is this morally acceptable - or indeed legal?
3. Running a care home business, dealing with vulnerable people and employing foreign young girls, with his father - a convicted sex-offender. Did Hull Council know about this ?
4. Several Gill companies, Burgill Ltd in particular, folded in spectacular fashion. Burgill had £0 assets and £116,000 in liabilities, when it was closed down in 2008/9. Negligence, bad management, who knows? And this man now is an MEP spending my money! Would I vote for such an incompetent individual had I known the facts? No I would not!
5. Burgill Ltd went into liquidation ( Compulsory Liquidation) in Feb. 2009. Yet 3 months later the company was putting in a planning application in Hull. Again - this should not have happened. The Official Receiver needs to look at this matter carefully.
6. The Anglesey illegal tyre dumping incident.
I could go on and on. Jac o the North is to be congratulated for his research work.

What is significant in all of this is that Gill's usually very busy Twitter account has been silent for a whole week since Jac began his investigative work.

I think we deserve some sort of reply. He is after all our MEP.

Bill Chapman said...

No, it's not time to move on. The saga is only just beginning. Your anonymous commentator is right that that Nathan Goill MEP cannot be held responsible for the crimes of his father. He is of course entitled to freedom of religion. However, I suspect he would not have gained the votes of Anglicans, Methodist, Baptists and so on, had he been open about his religious affiliation.

It is also the case that he presented himself as a businessman, not a politician. In fact he was PA to his predecessor and a professional politician. He was not honest with the electorate. His breatjh-taking hyopocrisy is only part of the saga.

Cneifiwr said...

Hear, hear to that.

One thing which definitely was illegal was the huge pile of tyres discovered at the parents' address. 5,000 of them, or several truck loads. In the back garden.

The MEP has been in business with his father at various times. It would seem strange if he did not know about the tyres. Was he involved? Why did the police decide to raid a second property in Llangefni (where Nathan Gill lives)?

As the Daily Post reported, they were destined for Ghana where presumably they would be sold and fitted to vehicles.

Imagine that a Tory/Labour/Plaid politician was mixed up in something like that and the uproar there would be.

Cneifiwr said...

Hear, hear to that.

One thing which definitely was illegal was the huge pile of tyres discovered at the parents' address. 5,000 of them, or several truck loads. In the back garden.

The MEP has been in business with his father at various times. It would seem strange if he did not know about the tyres. Was he involved? Why did the police decide to raid a second property in Llangefni (where Nathan Gill lives)?

As the Daily Post reported, they were destined for Ghana where presumably they would be sold and fitted to vehicles.

Imagine that a Tory/Labour/Plaid politician was mixed up in something like that and the uproar there would be.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So - assuming that he is guilty of all the above, why has he not been prosecuted ?

Perhaps the quaint tradition in this country of requiring evidence before an arrest and prosecution taking place is holding things up !!

As regards the point about religion making a difference I think this is not correct. Most people don't give a toss about religion (go to Tesco at 11am on a Sunday morning for evidence of this ), personally, I couldn't care if he was of any religion or no religion as long as it didn't affect his political decision making.

This is a bit of a witch hunt designed I think to deflect attention from the dire performance of the other parties in wales especially Plaid.

I say again this is a non-story and its time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Had I known any of this, I would not have voted for UKIP. I will return to my usual affiliations for casting my vote at the next general election.....

Cneifiwr said...

Anon@8.51 - why there was apparently no prosecution is something you would have to ask Resources Wales, the successor body. They did issue an order for the disposal of the illegal stash. As I think we all know, a very large number of infringements of the law go unprosecuted.

Anon07.56 There you go again, and I have deleted your comment. I suggest you take up your beef with the author of Syniadau. As far as I can see, what you are talking about was a difference over policy, and you have brought no evidence to suggest that there was any wrong-doing.

Jac o' the North, said...

Anon 08:51, Nathan Gill is guilty of being a liar and a hypocrite, but these are not indictable offences. Had he been honest with the electorate he - and Ukip - would have got many fewer votes. He may be guilty of other offences for which he might yet be charged, let us wait and see.

You are also wrong about religion being irrelevant. How many votes do you think a Muslim fundamentalist would have received in the recent Euro elections? Then again, many, for whatever reason, would not have voted for a Jew.

So religion is important; there's a kind of sliding scale influenced by perceptions of threat. Now no one would regard Mormonism as being on a par with Al Qaeda, but many would not have voted Ukip had they known that Gill belonged to what many perceive to be a weird American cult.

In this regard, who might be shopping in Tesco on a Sunday morning has no relevance whatsoever to this perception. In fact, you use this to suggest that most people are non-religious, which is true, and that's why the more suspicious or hostile they become the more strident or intolerant they regard the views of someone else . . . such as a candidate asking for their vote.

As for Gill being used as a distraction from the "dire performance of the other parties"; if the electorate had known then what they know now you wouldn't be able to suggest that.

Anonymous said...

So they issued and order and he complied - just as the legislation is supposed to work presumably !

As regards regretting voting for UKIP - what is there to have regrets about.

No offences have come to light requiring prosecution. So he is a Mormon, so what. Would you rather have a member of your Masonic Lodge ?

If you are going to have regrets, let them be for something real, like he voted against something or for something you disagreed with. Please don't have regrets about a non-story like this whipped up by Plaid to hide their embarrassment as that just sounds a bit silly.

Redhead said...

But why have 5000 tyres in your back garden in the first place? It must be a very big back garden and even taking 4 tyres per car that means they have come from at least 1,250 cars! Whose cars? What company was involved. Were they old or new?

Have you any idea of the devastation a car tyre fire can cause? To simply say "Naughty boy" is totally irresponsible. Did the children play around them?

Maybe Jac O'the North can dig a little

Ruth Price said...

Keep up the good work, Cneifiwr & Jac. Just wish mainstream media would use their considerable resources to do some more digging. Regarding Nathan Gill and religious duality, I am pretty sure that is a different Nathan Gill, who appears to write stuff about meditation and yoga. And he probably wishes he didn't share his name with "our" Nathan just like that unfortunate Indian business mentioned by Jac.

Cneifiwr said...

Redhead - according to the newspaper reports (this was less than 3 years ago), the authorities suspected that it was part of a scam to evade dumping charges.

Here is a link:

Anonymous said...

Presumably in your article you're referring to Nathan Gill's step father not his real father.

Not that the actions of either are anything to do with him anyway.

I understand that all tyres referred to in this article were disposed of correctly and all disposal charges per tyre paid for, as opposed to the semi libellous comments posted here in regards to scams etc etc.

I'm sure that most of us reading these comments and 'Expose's' are bewildered by the complete absence of charges never mind convictions for these as so far unspecified offences identified by the purveyors of truth and justice making the supposed expose of the century on these pages.

Presumably there appears to be nothing that warrants any action of this nature by the authorities despite the screaming 'SUN' type headlines whipped up by a couple of bitter disappointed nationalists dismayed by PC's dismal showing in last months elections.

Jac o' the North, said...

Anon 27 June 2014 09:35, Yes, you're right, technically, or biologically, the late Michael Ronald Gill was Nathan Gill's step-father. But as you must also be aware, in the cultist world of the Mormons relationships are somewhat confusing. For example, in my research I was thrown for a while by someone referring to their brother-in-law as 'brother'.

As for the absence of charges being laid, I agree, that is a mystery. Until you remember that Nathan Gill and his confreres like to deal in cash, face to face, with the bare minimum of paperwork. That's how they made their money . . . and of course, by not paying taxes.

Turning to the tyres scam - almost certainly set up with the help of Ghanaian Mormons - even if the paperwork was in order, those tyres would have killed people in Ghana. But what the hell! they wouldn't have been Mormons, so they don't count. In that respect Mormons are not a lot different to other religious extremists.

There is a story here, of a man who lied and withheld information about himself in order to get elected. Had the public known the truth about Nathan Gill he would not today be an MEP. And this has nothing to do with Plaid Cymru. If you read my blog you'll know that I don't support Plaid Cymru, I didn't vote Plaid Cymru last month.

That's the thing about your boy, the better people know him, the more they know about him, the less likely they are to vote for him. In the Euro elections, fought on an all-Wales basis, Ukip, led by Nathan Gill, got 27.6% of the vote. In the Ynys Mon by-election on August 1 last year he got 14.2%. When he stood for in Seiriol ward in the council elections of May 2013 he got just 10.4%. Like I say, when people know him, they don't vote for him. Why is that?

Maybe because Nathan Gill is a liar and a hypocrite (and I believe he is much worse). But what has really struck me since I started making enquiries into Nathan Gill is the moral vacuum, the corruption and the venality at the heart of Mormonism. For Gill and his associates operated like a predatory criminal gang treating 'outsiders' as fair game.

If any of this is slanderous, then take action against me. Otherwise, go away and stop wasting your time trying to defend the indefensible. I know exactly what Nathan Gill is.

Jac o' the North, said...

Perhaps the second paragraph should read, in addition to "face to face", "through (east European) intermediaries".

Anonymous said...

Your very very right Jac. Nathan should not be trusted in the slightest!

Anonymous said...

Many people say he was only in his teens when the man who was raising him as his own raped numerous women, but the children of the women were only babies, toddlers. Some women had to move with their children away from Wales because of the harassment the Gill family committed against the children. It has been a long time but the truth is he raped these women and like what always happened in the 1980's people tried to blame the women, the victims, that is the only defence Mike Gill had. My mum said that as soon he was charged Mike Gill put all he owned into his wife's name so that just in case the women sought justice in a civil suit he could plead poverty, which they never took him to civil court for them they just wanted to warn women about Mike Gill because they were not told by the Mormon church that he had done it previously. The Gill family chased away welsh born children who never got to be raised in the country they were blessed to call their birth place. All I ask is if Nathan Gill is willing to say that he is against any sexual abuse happening but he is a typical Mormon when diabolical things happen like rape they close ranks just as they always do when something may look bad for the church and by the way I know at least one of Mike Gill's victim's stopped being a Mormon had her name removed from church records because the senior members of the church (all men) said that the rape should be kept quiet and dealt with by the church. Remember Mike Gill raped these women at times when there toddlers were coming home from nursery class and he threatened to hurt the children so on the victims mind all she wanted was to get him out of the house before the children saw that horrifying deed done to their mother. Mike Gill won the trust of the women because they were friends of his wife and she and the senior members recommended Mike Gill's hypnotherapy to stop bad habits such smoking, well to the church smoking, is seen worse than rape. Because the church and his wife said it was safe why would they not believe any different. Maybe one of the victim's children might even stand against Nathan Gill in the next European election well they are much younger than him and better educated than him. Well we will wait and see.