Thursday 26 June 2014

A Ukip defection in Llanelli

On the face of it the LibDems and Ukip are poles (no pun intended) apart politically, with the LibDems claiming to be the most pro-European of the unionist parties. So rumours that Ken Rees, the veteran LibDem from Llanelli, has told his party friends that he has joined Ukip may take some by surprise.

When it comes to switching political allegiances Ken has form, however. Back in 2008 it is understood that he promised Plaid Cymru he would support the Plaid group on the council if one of the two Plaid candidates in his former ward stood down and gave him a better chance of being elected.

Not long after being elected, Ken threw in his lot with Meryl Gravell's Independents, but crashed to fifth place in the 2012 county council elections and lost the LibDems' only seat on the council.

It is being whispered that he hopes to make another comeback as a Ukip Assembly Member in the 2016 elections.

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