Tuesday 10 June 2014

It's war in Llaregyb!*

What better way to while away these long summer nights than by trawling through planning documents relating to the highly controversial wind turbine which is set to be erected at Llansteffan, within sight of Dylan Thomas's writing shed.

Mrs Ogmore Pritchard would not have been pleased, and it seems that Mrs O P's current manifestation in Carmarthenshire isn't either. All that rabble breathing on her furniture.

Ahead of the planning committee's decision there were reports of heavy artillery being drawn up on the eastern banks of the Tywi. The anti-renewable energy campaign includes some old friends from the Coed Bach biomass debacle, as can be seen from a perusal of the list of objectors.

Mrs O P was adamant that she would not have biomass anywhere her lovely new race course.

The Coed Bach row eventually resulted in a successful action for defamation brought by the leader of the Coedbach Action Group, Robin Cammish, against the developer, Mr Clive Hughes. Mr Cammish, originally from Scarborough, has since been appointed a director of Scarlets Regional Limited.

Despite the victory over on the Llansteffan side of the water, celebrations have been muted to say the least, with Independent councillor and current Council Chair, Daff Davies, coming under fire from irate citizens.

Harmony has now been replaced with acrimony tragically soon after Pam and Meryl attempted to rally their grizzled Independent troops with morale boosting pep talks and buttered scones on an away-day in Carway.

Cllr Davies is affectionately known as Elmer Fudd, whose catchphrase was, "Oh, you dubbuh cwossing wabbit". At the last county council elections locals noted the enthusiasm with which Daff's Polish farm workers participated in the democratic process, with about 20 of them turning up to cast their votes after what must have been long and passionate debates in the cowshed on the relative merits of the candidates.

Perhaps it was just as well that they did turn out to vote because their boss squeaked home by just five votes.

Since being returned to County Hall, where he sits with his Labour coalition partners, Daff has sold the farm for a price said to be around £1.5 million to Cwrt Malle, the gigantic industrial dairy farming business where recently more than 150 of the 1,800 strong herd died in an outbreak of botulism.

*Llaregyb in honour of Jim Parc Nest, a native of Newcastle Emlyn, whose brilliant adaptation of Under Milkwood is available in all good bookshops as Dan y Wenallt.


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