Tuesday, 24 June 2014


The WLGA has now announced who will make up the panel which will look into governance in Carmarthenshire County Council. The four members of the panel will spend the next few weeks talking to members of the council as well as "key partners" and stakeholders.

The four members are:

Byron Davies (former chief executive of Cardiff City Council)
Rod Alcott (formerly of the Wales Audit Office)
Cllr Paul Griffiths (Lab) - a serving county councillor in Rhondda Cynon Taf
Anne Nicholl (Plaid) - a former ministerial adviser

Mr Alcott has had the pleasure of working with Carmarthenshire's chief executive, Mark James, before when the two men were part of a special recovery team sent in to sort out education in Monmouthshire.

Whether the people who live in the county will be allowed to have their say is not clear, although nobody has a bigger stake in it.

Yesterday's political press release on the deliberations of Welsh Labour's National Executive is a timely reminder that the top brass in County Hall have learned nothing over the last year. After a brief lull in abuse of the council's press and PR machine while the chief executive took his extended leave of absence, it's clearly back to business as usual.


Redhead said...


... "The review team will visit the council from next week and is expected to meet there two days a week throughout next month.
It is anticipated that interim conclusions will be reported on towards the end of July, “in order to inform the council's wider work of reviewing its constitution”. A final report will be prepared for submission in September.
The WLGA stressed that the review would not consider the specific issues of the Wales Audit Office's recent public interest reports. ... "

Whitewash, hogwash, cover-up - take your pick.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell us what they are reviewing?

Redhead said...

And all this will nicely take to general election time ...