Thursday 26 June 2014

A lynch mob and a gooseberry bush

News even more shocking than the rumoured defection of Ken Rees to Ukip has come in from Llansteffan, where the Community Council has passed a motion of no confidence in Cllr Daff Davies, affectionately known as Elmer Fudd.

Press Release

Last night, Llansteffan and Llanybri Community Councillors voted in favour of a ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ motion in their Community Council Chairman, Councillor David ‘Daff’ Davies.

The motion of no confidence was directly linked to Cllr Davies’ conduct and perceived influence in the recent controversial decision by County Councillors to over-rule planning officers and vote in favour of a 45m commercial wind turbine at Mwche Farm, Llansteffan.

This Wind Turbine, will become a permanent blight on one of Wales’ most iconic landscapes.  A world renowned view that was made famous by Wales’ most famous son, Dylan Thomas.

Llansteffan and Llanybri Community Councillors strongly opposed the proposal when it was brought to the group during consultation, yet Councillor Davies continued to fully back and publicly support the application.  With numerous complaints from residents over the lack of representation and blatant disrespect for his constituents, questions were being raised over the conduct of the Community Council as a whole.

Community Councillor David Hunter called for the motion of NO CONFIDENCE: ‘I have called this motion as I believe you have brought Llansteffan and Llanybri Community Council into disrepute’.

He further stressed that the vote in a motion of no confidence is not in the capacity as County Councillor, but only in capacity as Community Councillor.

Councillor Davies read a pre-prepared statement in his defence:

‘I can tell you quite categorically that I have not taken any money in a brown envelope or any other colour envelope’.  He further challenged anyone who has said this to provide hard evidence.

In regards to his bias towards the applicant and his personal friend he added: ‘I supported the application as I didn’t feel the objectors had any grounds’.  Councillor Davies went on to reiterate professional and government bodies that did not object to the wind turbine.  He also stated that there has been many single wind turbine applications across Carmarthenshire that have all been approved.

Following Councillor Davies’ statement and prior to the vote, a request for questions from the public was made by interim Chair Community Councillor, Carys Jones. Proceedings were quickly hushed by Councillor Davies who blatantly refused to be questioned by what he termed a ‘Kangaroo Court’.

All but one of the Community Councillors were in favour of the motion of no confidence.

Community Councillor Alan Cooper objected to the motion as he ‘believed the Community Council are at fault and should not have forced Daff Davies to be Chair when he was also Chair of the County Council.

Community Councillor Cooper went on to say that by being Chairman of both Community and County Council’s put pressure onto his role and forced a conflict of interest.

It was highlighted that Councillor Davies had every opportunity to stand down in his position at anytime during, or prior to this process in order to avoid any conflict of interest.

Community Councillors also voted in favour to form a sub-committee to fully investigate the conduct of Councillor Davies and report any finding back to the Community Council on the 21st July 2014.

Following the vote of no confidence, he continued his derogatory onslaught stating: ‘I’ve already chosen my tree in Llanybri, it’s a gooseberry tree…its only that high (Knee high) you’ll have to wait some time before you see me hang!’

Councillor Davies is now seeking legal guidance before deciding his next steps.

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