Wednesday 4 June 2014

Jac and Gill Round Two

The brown stuff certainly hit the fan today as a result of Jac o' the North's relentless quest to get to the truth about Nathan Gill, our newest MEP for Wales.

The story was picked up first by Martin Shipton at the Western Mail and has since gone viral, with reports very close the Western Mail's article appearing in the Independent and the BBC.

It may just be that the Western Mail came to the story completely independently of Jac's explosive revelations, but somehow that does not seem likely. The truth of the matter is that the big boy papers should have credited Jac, but didn't.

What we now know is that Gill:

  • Ran a care home in Hull and also supplied contract staff to other care homes in Hull. A part of the Gill business was running a hostel to house workers from the Phillippines and various eastern European countries in what sound like very cramped conditions, with six or more adults to a room sleeping in bunkbeds.
  • The business went bust, and according to Gill this happened because one of the banks pulled the plug on a loan.
  • It turns out that after selling up in Hull, Gill went to work for a Ukip MEP. Despite that, he portrayed himself as a fresh-faced newcomer to politics and an antidote to professional politicians.
  • He also failed to mention to his voters that he is a Mormon, a sect which has views which are very much at odds with modern Welsh society.
 As readers can see for themselves, Jac's blog has raised more serious questions about Nathan Gill and his conduct, and for those of you who do not have a Twitter account, fresh allegations have appeared about Gill's father, with whom our MEP was in business. These involve criminal convictions and at least one extremely serious offence, and may help to explain why Gill's father ceased being a director in the family business.

For all those who voted for Ukip on 22 May, you cannot say you were not warned.


Anonymous said...

So basically you are reporting about an MEP who once ran a business employing foreign workers. UKIP say they are not against this.

The business wet bust - so what. I believe many of our current leading captains of industry have suffered bankruptcy.

It is reported that his dad may have sailed close to the wind - so what.

I'm no expert but people were probably voting for a party or an idea rather than an individual and he would have got in anyway.

It would not take a lot of research to find some dirt on many many MPs and MEPs. You only have to look at the expenses scandal to realise this.

This looks like sour grapes - I don't think there is a smoking gun here.

Anonymous said...

The point is U.K.I.P. is not against immigration per se. It is against uncontrolled immigration.

Sorry, revelations like this aren't about to convince me I was wrong voting U.K.I.P.

I think you'll find Plaid Cymru is likely to be more racist than U.K.I.P.

I was born in Wales and lived here until the age of 2, when my Welsh father and English moother moved to the other side od Offa's Dyke. I have an English accent and when I come home to Wales you should hear some of the comments I get.

I now live in Carmarthenshire and am often made to feel uncomfortable by the remarks about the English. I am however Welsh, I just sound English.

Cneifiwr said...

Anon @19.01 - There is good reason to believe that there is more and worse to come.

The biggest irony here is that a lot of people who voted for Ukip thought they were voting for a party which would clean up politics, and instead they have let in a bunch who make the expenses scandal look like a vicarage tea party.

Anonymous said...

21:20, Wrong on so many counts. People voted UKIP because they could not face voting for Plaid.

As for Mormonism being at 'odds' with Welshness I think you may just have lost Plaid a few more votes come the next election.

Hail Mary .......

Cneifiwr said...

Anon @22.17 Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

UKIP is a monster created by the media and fed on people's phobias. “If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear!” said Frankenstein's monster - and that's just what UKIP does; it causes fear of foreigners 'coming here taking our jobs' and vilification of political order at all levels - not just Europe. It is a destructive and highly dangerous agenda. Not to worry though, despite all the hype UKIP still has less county councillors than Plaid Cymru (which only stands in Wales, of course). As Abe Lincoln said "You can fool some of the people some of the time...but you can't fool all the people all of the time." When people see that there's no substance behind Farage's frozen grin and pint pot, their days will be numbered.

Anonymous said...

There is a bit of a dichotomy here.

Critics are opposed to UKIP cos they want to control immigration yet they are up in arms when a candidate, employs, seemingly quite legitimately, some immigrants.

It doesn't seem fair for the jacothenorth website to have a go based on some bloke who was sending anonymous text messages mun.

So his dad was a bit of a lad and he is a bit of a religious chap - so what ?

It is just the case that Plaid are rattled. Admit it and move on !

Cneifiwr said...

Anon @8.08 That last comment is very similar to one received yesterday. I wonder if you are related?

Jac is not a supporter of Plaid, by the way.

As for the father being a "bit of a lad", that is not how most people would describe matters. Let's wait and see what comes out next.

Anonymous said...

1. "26 million people in Europe are looking for work. And whose jobs are they after? "

Thats what UKIP said last month

Nathan Gill employed dozens of froreign nationals in Hull, quote - "because we could not find workers to do the jobs".

UKIP not quite clear on this matter it seems!

2. Gill paid these poor workers very low wages, and housed them,46at a time, 6 to a room, in bunkhouses - and them charged them £50 rent.

But hold on, didn't Farage, Gill et al,last month tell us that these very same low paid foreign workers ( if they had not already taken your job) were driving down wages of the rest of us in the UK ?

3. Finally - despite all this Burgill Ltd went into liquidation, with liabilities of almost £120,000, and nil ( £0 ) assets.

Comment No 1. "The business went bust - so what. I believe many of our current leading captains of industry have suffered bankruptcy."

I'm sorry - but if you cannot run a company fairly and ethically, and also manage your own financial affairs properly, then you have no business to be involved in politics,and spending the hard earned cash of those of us who have managed to keep our heads above water for decades.

I'm sorry - this whole affair is quite unnacceptable. Nathan Gill should do the decent and honourable thing and resign now.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't 'do' UKIP but nor do I do the likes of the BNP, Plaid Cymru or the Greens.

Small parties are invariably full of crackpots, megalomaniacs, jerks, boys and girls with unresolved daddy and mummy issues and so on. A vote for a small party, any small party, is invariably a protest vote.

Okay, so now UKIP is unravelling in much the same way that Plaid started to unravel. Yes, a few will still vote for them but in time they will eventually be replaced. Replaced by something better? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

The story also made it into the Huffington Post

And while the Mule should have credited Jac, a lot of people had already read and shared the story like yourselves on Monday and Tuesday and spent yesterday on Twitter and Facebook reminding everyone whose linking to it that the story first appeared on his blog and providing a link.

Cneifiwr said...

Anon@10.36 There is so much that is wrong with that, it's difficult to know where to begin.

Your solution seems to be for everyone to vote either Tory or Labour, although by the logic of your argument Labour wouldn't exist either, because that too was once a small minority party which eventually displaced the Liberals.

Membership of Labour and the Tories has been declining for years and years, as have their share of the popular vote. It's only thanks to the First Past the Post system that they still dominate.

Wales has been dominated by Labour for 80 years, and look where that's got us.

As Jonathan Edwards says, there is precious little to choose between the two main parties anyway - whichever one you vote for, Wales gets more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Looks like ITV Wales are finally on the case from Simon Thomas's tweets

'Just recorded a clip with @adrianmasters84 on the latest developments around Nathan Gill MEP and Ukip's astonishing hypocrisy 1/2'

The Hull Daily Mail has taken it up they has a rewrite of the Western Mail article yesterday

and tweeted there will be another article up later today (Thur 6th).

Anonymous said...

Off topic but have you seen this

Jac o' the North, said...

Anon 08:18 You describe Nathan Gill's father as "a bit of a lad". Let's set the record straight. Some old newspaper cuttings I received yesterday morning told of Gill Snr being sent down for rape in 1988, and someone from Bangor Rape Support Centre complaining that the sentence received wasn't a lot more than an earlier prison sentence he'd been given for theft.

Now that may make him a 'character' to your way of thinking, but to me it makes him a devious and dangerous man. I still might not have mentioned this had it not been for the various family businesses and the fact that Gill Snr was a shareholder in Burgill Ltd.

As for the "anonymous texts" I was sent, the truth contained in them has been borne out - by Gill himself. And anyway, sometimes you have to go with anonymous sources if the evidence you're being given stacks up or can be corrobarated. If the Washington Post had adopted your attitude we might today be revering Richard Nixon as a great president.

You sound like a Ukip supporter who can see the house of cards collapsing before his eyes. Get used to it, the worst is yet to come.

Anonymous said...

Obviously having committed serious crimes may have a bearing on whether a person is electable or not. Clearly no sane person would vote for such a character.

But, and its a big but - You do not report that Nathan Gill has such a past. Its his father you are having a go at. It might be interesting to go through all Welsh politicians and research what their dads did a few years ago.

So far all you have come up with is that Nathan Gill employed some foreign workers, has gone through bankruptcy and is a bit odd in terms of attending a weird religious sect. A bit like the Masons in my eyes !

What you have is anonymous tittle tattle and a few 26 year old newspaper cuttings about someone's dad.

Doesn't seem like a smoking gun to me. Yet !!!

Redhead said...

It just proves there isn't a hair to split between UKIP and the Conservatives.

What saddens me is the moral poverty of some of the views above which are on the lines of "so OK he chopped his wife to bits and threw her to the crocodiles but he is good to his mother and the dog so what are you moaning about". It really just shows that many members of the public are as morally bankrupt as many of the politicians.

They may deserve each other but I don't deserve either of them.

Anonymous said...

Bringing Nathan Gills father into it,is Guilty by association
like they do in North Korea.UKIP did not too bad last night
they beat Labour and the Liberals,and at least it's wound
Peter Hain up, hypocrisy there's a bright one to say that.

Jac o' the North, said...

Anon 08:05 Nathan Gill makes big play on going into the family business or businesses - with his father. Further, his father was a shareholder in Burgill Ltd, the company that was housing God knows how many migrant workers in bunkhouses in Hull.

As for the "smoking gun", I agree what's come out so far is damaging, and proves Gill Jnr to be a hypocrite, but I am glad to report that my informant has got back in touch, and there will be another blog post appearing over the weekend. (Possibly Monday.)

Evidence (as opposed to allegations) of the kind that might get Nathan Gill arrested has not yet emerged, but I am no longer the only one working on the case, so there's still hope. But the priority - for me, anyway - has been to See Gill stand down as MEP.

So victory might not be far off.

Jac o' the North, said...

Correction: Gill Snr was sent down for indecent assault. The rape and buggery charges were left on file.

Anonymous said...

It's becoming increasingly evident that the European parliamentary elections in Wales will have to be re-run. It isn't enough just to take the second in line since the revelations made by Jac go to the heart of UKIP itself...these are revelations which open peoples eyes about the political party not just Nathan Gill.

I expect there to be a Plaid bonus for this.