Thursday 19 September 2013

Carmarthenshire News - Tweets means prizes!

The latest edition of Carmarthenshire County Council's propaganda sheet, Carmarthenshire News, has just landed on the doormat in its environmentally friendly plastic wrapper and stuffed with other bits of paper.

At least it should help Cllr Colin Evans boost his recycling rates.

The latest edition invites readers with a Twitter account to tell the council what they think about the paper, and the lucky few could win a prize.

Somehow Cneifiwr doesn't think his contribution will be among those "picked at random" to receive a gift.


Emlyn Uwch Cych said...

Glory be! Mine was just squashed through the door by Horeb's finest, too.

40 bilingual recycled pages all ready to get put out for recycling again tomorrow.

Just as the Scarlets players tell us on p. 6, "DON'T END UP IN THE SIN BIN - RECYCLE!"

Anonymous said...

The pravda is also perfect for dog mess and lining whelping boxes.

Anonymous said...

Just a question how would Plaid if they were the majority in County hall communicate with the population of Carmarthen shire
For all its faults it The CN is delivered to every door . The days of local newspapers reaching everyone are sadly long gone
So Cneifwr your wise words on this subject

Cneifiwr said...

Anon @17.24 Not every council publishes a newspaper, and of those that do, Carmarthenshire's is one of the largest.

Some produce just a small information sheet with useful numbers, etc.

The trouble is with the Carmarthenshire paper that it does not even do what it is supposed to. It does not tell you about consultations, for example, so readers who rely on it will not know when they have an opportunity to make their views known about council services.

Today there was a waste amnesty in Newcastle Emlyn. Great initiative, but not a squeak in the council paper.

In a couple of weeks time lots of council run evening classes will start. Not a word about those in the latest edition.

Perhaps if they got rid of the political propaganda - and there is lots, sometimes carefully disguised - they might have time to tell us about things we actually need.

And yes, Plaid Cymru pledged that they would get rid of the paper if returned to power.

Anonymous said...

Not all doors Anon 17.24!
I haven't had one, but please that doesn't mean to say I want one! Save on the postage and please keep mine CCC.

caebrwyn said...

The Children's Page seems to have been taken over by the Towy Community Church, otherwise known as Xcel Bowl...nothing like starting them young.

Anonymous said...

"The latest edition invites readers with a Twitter account to tell the council what they think." So what about the views of readers who do not have access to a PC let alone broadband? Sorry, no prizes for guessing!

Cneifiwr said...

Spot on @20.49, although a few months back the council did hold a focus group session. It took place in the middle of a working day, ensuring that those who took part were largely pensioners or those not in work.

It is likely that a high proportion of this group would not use Twitter or have access to the internet, and the response was apparently largely positive, although they were not told what the paper actually costs.

Anonymous said...

Still haven't had my copy! Halleluiah!