Wednesday 18 September 2013

Meryl meets the Fokkers and more from CarmsTrash Productions

Carmarthenshire County Council's press office is much more generously resourced than a good many local newspapers, and yet churns out a mere handful of stories five days a week. You would think therefore that they would at least have time to read through their copy, and check it for errors before hitting the publish button.

Monday's modest crop of stories includes two items featuring Cllr Meryl Gravell. One tells how two small Fokker stunt aircraft had to make an unscheduled landing at Pembrey Airport because of fog.

Paul and his wingman Steve Jones booked into the Ashburnham Hotel overnight when the blanket of fogged was unmoved and but they managed to fulfil their show commitments taking off from Pembrey in their colourful stunt aircraft worth 600,000 Euros each.

Anyone wondering why such a non-event should attract the press office's attentions, and why Meryl should be quoted, is reminded that Pembrey Airport lies within the Meryl Special Economic Development Zone which encompasses the area around her ward in Trimsaran.

Until recently the airport was advertising unique development opportunties on its website:

One of the few Airports in the United Kingdom that has 5000 acres of adjoining land available for joint venture with very little planning and environmental constraints. We are within Convergence funding Area (qualifies for European funding). Pembrey Airport is exempt planning and large tracts of freehold development land are immediately available from the Local Authority.

Meryl pops up again in a piece which tells us that the BBC has been filming down at Dylan Thomas's boathouse in Laugharne. Probably more for their own benefit than that of the reading public, CarmsTrash tells us that Thomas was a "famous Welsh bard".

The boathouse is, of course, an "iconic" boathouse.


Anonymous said...

The sentence you quoted is so mangled it appears as if one of our ace reporters has found an article in another language and produced a butchered English version courtesy of Google Translate.

And the full article goes on to demonstrate the media-savvy mastery of the PR department by offering a choice of mis-spellings. It's not "Fokker Wolfe" or "Focker Wulf" as described by our hapless correspondent - it's "Focke Wulf".

What a Focke up! And really, what is the article saying? "Pembrey - great place to come in an emergency."

Jac o' the North, said...

Does anyone in Carmarthenshire - outside of the council's press office - need to be told who Dylan Thomas was?

Anonymous said...

The boathouse is a purpose built shed, carefully staged to make it look like DT's workspace. I was told the firm who built it didn't particularly want the job so quoted very high for it. Then were surprised to get the contract even with the price!