Thursday 19 September 2013

Cult News

Deprivation and economic distress have a way of driving people into the arms of fringe religious groups, and our Ammanford news desk reports that Mercy Ministries have now gained a foothold in the town, where they hold a fortnightly service on Fridays in the Pensioners Hall (see bookings).

Over in Carmarthen meanwhile, Towy Community Church, Mercy Ministries' putative partners, appear to have decided that silence is golden.

The church removed an article from its website proclaiming its intention of setting up a Mercy Ministries hostel when it had to go back with the collections plate to Carmarthenshire County Council to ask for more money. No sooner had the financial harvest been safely gathered in and the new bowling alley opened, than a new article appeared announcing the church's intention to work with the US fundamentalist group.

What's in store for Kev?

When that was spotted, Towy first first took down the article before dismantling just about everything else on its website. The only thing left is some contact information and a statement that a new website is being planned.

Another sign of the times is the resurgence of interest in spiritualism. Not far from Cneifiwr the village hall in Llechryd is now the venue for a weekly "Divine Service" held by a spiritualist group, and judging from the number of cars parked outside, this is well attended.

Interest in contacting the other side is not confined to little old ladies, it seems. I feel a message coming through from Caebrwyn .......


caebrwyn said...

yes, Caebrwyn is hearing, through the ether, that one of the Executive Board Members may have special powers...and the member will be recommending that the next year's budget consultation should be extended those who are no longer with us....

Cneifiwr said...

Yes, I can see something emerging now. It's a tall dark stranger with a beard.

Oh, what's this? The glass is moving towards the letter J.

Damn. It's all gone foggy again.

Anonymous said...

You pair (Cniefiwr and Caebrwyn) have a great sense of humour that brings me sunshine on a cloudy day. Thank you!

Kevin Madge redeem yourself and put a stop to these cult meetings!