Wednesday 25 September 2013

All In It Together

Carmarthenshire council watchers who look over the fence to see what is going on next door in Pembrokeshire will know from reading the excellent Old Grumpy, or the not half bad Jacob Williams, that the grass really isn't greener over there. Unless you are on the local government Rich List.

Old Grumpy leads this week with news that Pembrokeshire County Council is in a spot of bother with the Wales Audit Office for allowing senior officers to opt out of having employer pension contributions (i.e. our contributions to their pension pots) paid into the Dyfed Pension Fund.

If they so choose, the lucky few can have the money paid into private schemes which may or may not make use of ingenious tax avoidance mechanisms, possibly in exotic offshore havens.

Only the council's chief executive, Bryn Parry-Jones, took advantage of this concession in the last tax year, although he has now been joined by a colleague.

Also peering over the garden fence with interest, we can safely assume, will be members of Carmarthenshire County Council's own elite officers' club.

Watch this space.

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