Tuesday 9 May 2017

Strictly no hope

Dafen Dolly's defeat at the hands of Rob Evans Paramedic in last week's council elections means that the lugubrious Jeff Edmunds found himself as leader of the Labour group on Carmarthenshire County Council without a dance partner.

Rather less well publicised than last night's Labour leadership elections in Cardiff where Huw 'Tippex' Thomas ousted Phil Bale, the Labour group in Carmarthenshire has awarded its fabulous glitterball trophy to the pairing of Jeff Edmunds and new boy Rob James.

One of the couples rumoured to have taken to the dance floor is Derek Cundy with Kevin Madge as deputy, although their tango is understood to have bombed with the judges in the dance-off.

With James having called for Mark James's suspension in the press - something which will have had the chief executive's legal advisers adding more noughts to any future severance package - and declared that the Plaid-Independent coalition with 52 of the 74 seats on the council lacks a mandate, voters are in for comedy gold as the Edmunds-James partnership takes to the floor, with Jeff taking the role of straight man to James's hapless buffoon.

[Updated from version published earlier today]


Jac o' the North, said...

God Almighty! I didn't realise it was that Huw Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Is this the missing Neath Port Talbot County Councillor . Is he the one who was living in a house of multiple occupation or rather HMLCC House of Multiple labours County Councillors . So Labour have 2clowns

Anonymous said...

Seems dafen dolly is not accepting she lost her seat she is continuing to help anyone who comes to her and now has her nib in llwynhendy where the daughter is . Poor fosia .