Tuesday 9 May 2017


One of Labour's campaign pledges for last week's council elections in Carmarthenshire was a commitment to running a "modern, transparent council".

In what must be a record for ditching a pledge, Labour in Llanelli has moved rapidly to remove from the public gaze the Mayor's Diary from Llanelli Town Council's website. The Civic Diary on the website of Llanelli Rural Council has also suddenly gone blank.

The reason given to concerned residents wanting to know what their mayor is doing for the town was that the diaries have been removed to "avoid stalkers".

The current holder of the office on Llanelli Town Council is Bill Thomas, but he is no longer a councillor, and jolly Jeff Edmunds is not due to put on the municipal bling until 17 May.

Who would want to stalk Jeff Edmunds is a mystery, although readers of this blog may recall that before the election he claimed that a mysterious person had phoned him pretending to be a member of the Labour Party, only to splash his comments all over the "blogs". Even more mysteriously, nobody ever managed to track down the blogs or the comments he said they had published.

Cllr Edmunds also claimed that somebody had tried to clone his Facebook account, and that he had gone to the police about all of this. When the press asked the police what was going on, Dyfed Powys said nobody had contacted them about it.

Mysteriouser and mysteriouser.

Perhaps Jeff Edmunds is the object of some obscure cargo cult of fetishist, gothic grannies, or perhaps he just feels that the mayor's comings and goings are an entirely private matter.

Perhaps he is planning to follow the trail blazed by Cllr Shahana Najmi when she took off to the Agen Prune Festival with an all-Labour delegation a few years back, presumably to explore ways in which she might strengthen Llanelli's own prune industry. We may never know.

Whatever the case, anyone wanting to find out what Labour's top brass in Llanelli is doing will now need to submit a Freedom of Information request.

There's transparent local government for you.


Anonymous said...

Well he did state he was going on holiday sooner than he thought . Maybe he has . Funny that he cant walk unaided or stand yet can go abroad to his pad in france and spain .

Anonymous said...

Who would in their right mind what to stalk him !!! He will have his team from Labour Llanelli KGB protecting , especially the former absent N&PT councillor Rob James. Is his address the same house of multiple labour canidates

Anonymous said...

Thats the new in with labour "lets say we are being stalked" but its ok for them to stalk others . Its the same they can win seats but noone else can win one of their seats .