Tuesday 16 December 2014

Fifty Shades

Meryl Gravell was to be found in the restored splendours of Llanelly House last week signing copies of her book, Fifty Shades of Trimsaran WI. Yours for £10.

According to someone who has read this rather expensive little volume, 50 Shades of Trimsaran WI is hilarious, although it is not clear whether that was the author's intention.

Presumably any profits will be going to the WI or a good cause but not, it seems, to Llanelly House which owes Llanelli Town Council £81,000, with town councillors becoming impatient and threatening to start charging interest if the loan is not repaid soon.


Anonymous said...

Can we please keep 50 Shades and Meryll as far apart as possible.

I do have to eat you know.

Redhead said...

50 shades of Nora Batty's thick grey stockings with Christian played by Mark James perhaps? Or would Compo be a better choice?

Blodwen said...

When I first read about this "opus", I thought it was one of your spoof scenarios, Cyneifiwr. Then I thought perhaps I'd missed a few months and had been fast-forwarded to April 1st but the whole thing is so ludicrous you couldn't make it up, could you!

Hilarious! I haven't bought this gem of the literary genre (and most certainly won't be buying it either!) but just the thought of it has given me the best laugh I've had for ages. Brilliant. Thanks Mrs G.

Cneifiwr said...

Blodwen, I think we can safely say that the book will soon be retailing for a lot less than £10, although 10p would still be too high a price.