Tuesday 9 December 2014

The Fashion Page

Excitement is mounting ahead of tomorrow's Christmas special meeting of Carmarthenshire County Council which can be viewed on the council's own broadcast channel (here). Most of the long-running sitcom's regulars will be there, including quite a few turkeys (best before 1972).

But will Meryl Gravell show up for the first time since July, and more importantly, will Chairman Daff Davies be sporting the natty purple tie he has recently been seen wearing?

What can it all mean, and is it the fault of all those Polish farm workers who were allegedly persuaded to turn out in such numbers to vote for Daff back in May 2012?


Mrs Angry said...

This is a very disappointing post, Cneifiwr. I speak as the mother of Miss Angry, a fashion journalism student, who is currently writing a report on 'this is what a feminist looks like', illustrated with pictures of Kim Kardashian's rear view. Please make sure you file a full report of outfits, and accessories, kipper ties etc later today. With pics, where appropriate. Rear views probably not appropriate.

Cneifiwr said...

I will do my best, although the fashion scene in Carmarthenshire is probably not quite up there with the urban sophistication of Barnet.

Think Barnados and CCCF (the farmers' co-op) for most of us, with M&S and Debenhams fitting out the gentry.

Anonymous said...

Pointless non humorous article well below standard .If you keep this up you will be relegated to reporting Pembs CC

Mrs Angry said...

Yes: I didn't ask for a description of your wardrobe, Cneifiwr, more interested in the ladies (if there are any, in CCC ...)