Wednesday 14 August 2013

Things best left unsaid

Carmarthenshire County Council has 74 elected councillors, and so far only a small minority have put pen to paper to write an annual report.

The latest report comes from Peter Cooper (Saron, Lab.). Cllr Cooper is the first to reject the council's template in favour of his own. Nothing wrong with that, except that his report does not include any statistics about meeting attendance.

As you would expect from a backbench councillor, Cllr Cooper's report concentrates on local issues, of which the most prominent is the hugely controversial Tirychen Farm development at Penybanc.

Cllr Cooper says he has opposed this development from the word go. Unfortunately his Labour colleagues on the planning committee voted en bloc to allow it to proceed, although the report does not go into that sort of unnecessary detail.


Anonymous said...

not true,

Labour Councillors did not vote on bloc, and at least a couple of Plaid voted in favour. At least one Labour Councillor refused to vote on a procedural issue. I know, because I watched from the gallery

Cneifiwr said...

Which meeting are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

All reports should be put online at the same time,other councils well nearly all councils report attendance online directly. The council keeps the register not the Cllr.