Thursday 8 August 2013

Population statistics and Local Development Plans - Updated


In response to criticism the Council has backed down and agreed to extend the consultation period until 11 October (announcement here).


Twitter is not all maniacs and trolls, despite what we keep being told. Here's one of the BBC's finest from earlier this morning:

 Tomos Livingstone
Miniscule year-on-year increase in population of Wales, say , from 3.063m to 3.074m.

This once again raises the question why we are all about to be lumbered with Local Development Plans which are based on the premise of sharp rises in both the population and the number of households.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Carmarthenshire County Council has just upped its allocations for new houses by 7% to 16,240, and in true County Hall style has put the latest version of the plan out to public consultation at one of its favourite times of year - bang in the middle of the summer holidays.

The other preferred consultation period being Christmas.

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