Saturday 7 April 2012

Election special - Llandeilo to Llansteffan


Four candidates are contesting this ward, including Dai Williams for Plaid, Anthony Frost, chairman of the Conservative Constituency Association,  and two Independents. The previous Independent councillor is stepping down.

Whoever wins in Llandeilo will have to tackle the fallout from the recent bitterly contested supermarket planning battle which has just ended in victory for Sainsbury's, the thorny question over the plans for a new secondary school and the problem of poor air quality caused by traffic congestion.

Dai Williams is a former headteacher who also runs a business, and one of Plaid's strongest candidates.

Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Conservative Association has not got round to publishing details of its candidates on-line or gone to the bother of producing a manifesto for the county. Size matters in politics, however, and Mr Frost and his association boast a great deal about, well, not very much. According to the association's website, they have succeeded in turning Carmarthen East and Dinefwr into a marginal constituency (they came a very distant third in both the last general election and the Welsh Assembly election).

In 2010 the association issued a press release after the Cenarth by-election.

'The Conservative candidate nearly caused a sensation by taking the seat' , it screamed.

The result? Plaid Cymru 638, Conservatives 141.

Cneifiwr wishes Mr Frost a similar degree of success in Llandeilo.


This one has to be in the top five of contests to watch, as Ivor Jackson (Independent) seeks to fend of an assault from Plaid's Pat Racher, Gill Wright (an independent independent) and Andrew Morgan.

As noted in a previous post, Pat is would make a very good councillor, with experience which is directly relevant to this rural area.

Andrew Morgan is a Llanelli man who previously contested the Carmarthen East and Dinefwr seat in the 2010 election. Having played his part as an investment banker in wrecking the global economy, he now wishes to turn his attention to Llandovery. What Llandovery has done to deserve this, I don't know.


Another two-member ward, this time being contested by three independents, and one candidate each for Plaid, the Tories and Labour. Once again, the previous Independent councillor is stepping down.

Anthony Jones is hoping to be returned for Labour. He is involved in running the village's Miners Welfare Club, and it was in that capacity that he recently launched a passionate plea for something to be done about alcohol abuse. One of the main culprits, he said, was alcopops.

Older readers may dimly remember alcopops, although nowadays, as Cneifiwr knows, the "youngsters" prefer things like Sambucca and Skittle Bombs.

A check on the club's upcoming gigs shows that there is nothing planned currently, but Showaddywaddy may be available.


The ward was contested by 4 candidates in 2008, with veteran Independent Daff Davies taking it. This time it is a two horse race, with Daff facing stiff competition from Carys Jones. Carys conducts the Llansteffan Male Voice Choir, which reminds me that Con Passionate was set somewhere not a million miles from Llansteffan.

For anyone not familiar with life in this part of the world, this clip shows a fairly average Saturday night (including a useful tip on alternative uses for Bruce, the monster dictionary):


Anonymous said...

Beth am Llanddarog?

Iwan Rhys

Anonymous said...

Hollol hollol wych, llawn hiwmor, mae'n biti nad wyt ti'n gwneud rhain yn Gymraeg hefyd bydde nhw'n gymorth enfawr ac yn wych o bethau i'w darllen!

Anonymous said...

Mor belled a rwy'n gwybod dyw Anthony Davies Annibynnol ddim yn sefyll lawr yn Llandybie

Cneifiwr said...

Diolch am dynnu sylw at y ffaith nad yw Anthony Whitey Davies yn sefyll lawr.

Cneifiwr said...

O ran Llanddarog, rhaid i fi gyfadde 'mod i ddim yn nabod yr ymgeiswyr, ond os oes rhywbeth penodol dylsen ni wybod, cysylltwch â fi.

Cneifiwr said...

Sh'mae Cymro i'r Carn - rwyt ti'n hollol iawn wrth gwrs, ac mae hynny'n pwyso ar fy meddwl.

Anonymous said...

this seems to be rubbish about llandybie ward,anthoney jones and whitey davies are standing on a platform of paying the chief executives legal fees out of council tax payers money thats why two new independents are standing against paying for the cheif executies legal fees
the new independents are humpreys and johnson and are calling for not treating llandybie residents as second class as whitey and jones have for the past 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Llandeilo : Mr Anthony Frost has left his campaign until Friday , with a rousing message delivered by a frightfully nice chap with a lovely English accent talking about efficiency and rationalisation in county hall . The boss arranged for his workers in the cake factory to deliver his brochure , so terribly Tory . The Independent Mike Williams is using his Post Office to pass the message and paying to deliver. Seems DAi Williams & Edward Thomas the two town councillors are doing it themselves the hard way - da iawn boys at least some commitment and desire to interact with the voters!!!

Anonymous said...

Llandeilo Results
Edward Thomas Independent Unaffiliated 476, Mike Williams Independant 436, Dai Williams Plaid 299 {not so strong as predicted by -Y Cneifwr .
Anthony Frost 66