Sunday 1 April 2012

ShahidWatch - Update

Forget Bill Oddy, or whoever presents the BBC's springtime nature orgy these days, ShahidWatch is much more entertaining.

Here is our wannabe Labour politician responding on Twitter to a man who feels aggrieved over a planning matter.

@johnsouthwales Also surely u would want a chnage on administration to see if i can help you! im willing to talk to anyone!


Anonymous said...

A better caption for Mer and Kev is " I said Carmarthenshire is full of RABBLE, not RABBLE"

Cneifiwr said...

Unfortunately somebody, possibly you (!) beat me to that when the photo came out.

Rubble, not rabble.....

Anonymous said...

Possibly my wife!

Anonymous said...

regarding the twitter, no it didnt have anything to do with planning. think that was summat to do with windfarm company driving through the village when theyre not supposed to. the glanamman candidate hasn't got anything to do with planning or anything else.

there was an incident in 2007/2008 carmarthenshire care and repair via grantwork did a bad job at a lady pensioners house. the contarctor said he will redo the work in september 2008 and failed to do so. care and repair said the trader offered to pay back all the money, and nothing was paid back. a councillor was contacted to look at the case, cancelled a visit and after a lot of more conatcting, the councillor eventully turned up unannounced, took away the paperwork and left them in schtuk. they reported the councilor to the ombudsman because he didn't represent them. and the same councillor had failed to represent some other people too.

on top of this,because the councillor was not representing or misrepresenting, or simply did not want sod all to do with it, another councillor was contacted from outside the constituency to have a look and see where they can go. even the second councillor legged it. one was labour and one was plaid.

while this was going on in 2007, another dodgy builder did some other work and they had to take down all the new tiles because he did such a bad job it wrecked the wall, and left them in a right old state.

trading standards were contacted and they were warned about this builder. guess what? the builder went on and caused more damage in someone else house.

story is trading standards would not clarify what they told them personally which lead to an ombudsman complaint. there was a lot of heartache, a complaint went to carmarthenshire council regading trading standards which went to the relevant department. public protection i believe, and even they failed to deal with the issue fully and properly, and that's when the ombudsman was contacted with a complaint about trading standards and another about the councillor. i believe the councillor said he will return after the last elections and failed to show up

Mrs Angry said...

Come on over to my blog, Cneifiwr, I need your translation services and advice on Welsh stereotyping, if you have a minute. Musical contributions also accepted.

Cneifiwr said...

How can I resist an invitation like that, Mrs A.? On my way.

As for the previous lengthy comment, I'm not sure I follow, but thanks for getting in touch.

Anonymous said...

what was said between shahid and jsw was unconnected. you mentioned at first there was something about planning in the convo. that wasn't the case.

as for the rest of the comment above, a pensioner had a home improvement, public money via carmarthenshire care and repair and they botche the work up. councillor was contavted to report what was going on, said councillor didn't want to get involved and everybody got lumbered with the bad work, the contractor legged it after offering to pay back the money.
said councillor was reported to the ombudsman for non representation. or it seems because the councillor said he will return after stating he will and he didn't, means that he wasn't exactly telling the truth, so he was reported to the ombudsman.

in the meantime, some other work was carried out by another builder who botched that work as well and money was lost. trading standards were called in, apparently they spoke with the trader who botched up some other peoples houses later.

think thats the gyst of it.

best read it slowly!!!

Anonymous said...

any chance of a madgewatch?
then again adam price was against the bypass and since rhodri thomas seems to support the idea and plaid have 'turned their backs'. just because it's been rather quiet for a while it doesn't mean it's been forgotten.

here is a reminder - remember the council newts speech?

actually, the 2nd phase will destroy the tranquility. pahse one which runs passed by trj and the police station was basically built through wilderness. actually it now runs through trj yard where it used to be. where trj now is basically the offices are in the same place but the yard moved.

it is known as the tesco road because all roads roads lead to there.. part the phase two is already built along side tesco but stops at the end of the site. now, further along this road is another couple of fields. 500 meteres down and it starts coming level with residential areas carrying on down for around 1km.

basically the penybanc road is cockablock after 4pm, people coming home etc. all the road will do is shift the traffic noise from one road to another and hopefully alleviate the queues. but the main aim really is to create a faster business link. then it goes past recreational areas, things like turning around pitches 90 degrees.. so when people are suddenly confronted with a busy main road when there was a footpath, somewhere to walk the dog or ride a bike. after this part, it crosses a river, and here's the next trick - the railway line. an elevated road will have to be built not only to cross the railway but the river loughor as well... you couldn't make it up!! from here on it'll plough through all sorts of land and residential areas and eventually end up in a place called coopers just after tycroes.. so when phase 1 was meant to cost around 3m in 2002, it eventually cost 8m in 2008. the phase 1 road bridge looks a bit tatty, and i've never seen metal flashing before to cover the joins. and had a nose at trj sainsbury site.. phase 1 road is about 3/4 of a mile 8million pounds. phase 2 approx 2 1/2 miles

anyway, phase 2 will not be a doddle.. pfi??

Cllr Madge added that infrastructure projects, such as improving the roads around the south Wales valleys, needed to be given the highest priority by the next Assembly government.

"It will be my number one priority to get phase two of this project through," said Cllr Madge.

But green campaigners have hit out at Cllr Madge's comments.

"An area like the Amman Valley does not need an Assembly candidate with such a shortsighted and insular approach to politics,"

Anonymous said...

the original 1997 plans are floating about somewhere in a library or archive. the other stages seemed to have gone from coopers in tycroes and ending up in llandybie, quite a large complex. then again there was a later gwendraeth valley link. through a google search and type in ammanford-gwendraeth road link, 3 pdf files are visible - i cannot open them, when i click open the box is staying grey.

i have found another site called

funnily enough it mentions - The development of small local airport facilities such as that at Pembrey can provide quick and easy links to national and international facilities.

given that they given planning permission for a sloar panel farm at pembery airport and the owner was recently up in arms about it, stating it will will close

baffling? (anon2)

Anonymous said...

if it were turbines going up at pembrey, that will be catastrophic safety concern for the obvious reason, plus the blades will interfere with the radio system.

i'm not sure why a lot of pv panels would interfere with an airport, whether glare will result in blinding a pilot or small electic field could be created.

what mr owen should have done is mention that munich aiport has been in operation for 9 years and are situated on the terminal roofs.
the gatwick ones are situated next to the runway. 212 of them...not many in the grand scheme of things.

other airports world wide have them on their terminal roof.

some airports have runway panels to illuminate runway lights.

if the owner of pembrey airport says it'll mean the end, he'll know more than anyone