Sunday 8 April 2012

The tour grinds on - Lliedi to Saron

In response to overwhelming demand (Rhys), I have been asked to say a few words about Llanddarog. Erm..there must be something. No, it escapes me, but if anyone has any interesting stories, drop me a line.

Rather more lively will be the contest in Lliedi ward (2 members), where 2 Plaid and 2 Labour candidates are slugging it out with an Independent and what was for a long time thought to be the only LibDem in the village. However, three more have come out of hiding for this election.

In common with every other Labour candidate in the Llanelli area, Jan Williams and Bill Thomas are worried about the future of the town's Prince Philip Hospital, you know - the one the Labour Party wants to downgrade. This is a difficult concept, but it's a bit like turkeys joining the Bernard Matthews Party.

Plaid has two interesting candidates in the shape of Tom McPhilips and Tony Urquhart. Tom is probably the only candidate in Wales who has also stood as an SNP candidate in Glasgow, where he came very close to winning the Gorbals from Labour in the 1970s. Respect!

Confusingly, the other Plaid candidate also has a Scottish name, but is 100% local.

Ken Rees, the LibDem, was strongly criticised for deciding to throw his lot in with Meryl's Independents no sooner than he had been elected on the LibDem ticket. A very good explanation of how these things work and why the concept of an Independent group is so dishonest can be found on Old Grumpy's blog here.

Next comes Llwynhendy, yet another 2 member ward. In the 2008 elections Meilyr Hughes for Plaid took one, and Don Davies (Independent) took the other. Don Davies is bowing out this time, while Meilyr is standing again.

Contesting the ward this year are two each for Plaid and Labour, one Independent, one with no description and one for People First.

Theressa Bowen for Labour appears to be a building contractor. Her recent work includes lots of road resurfacing and re-tarring. In addition she says, "I hope to be involved in the new build of 26 bungalows in Y Waun."

Pontaman is unusual in being one of the few wards where we have a straight fight between Plaid and Labour, with Marie Binney defending for Plaid. Marie has recently been the victim of some fairly nasty smear tactics by her opponents. The same is true for Quarter Bach, although the previous Plaid councillor, Helen Wyn, is standing down in favour of Glynog Davies.

Saron is another two member ward, previously shared by John Edwards for Plaid and Peter Cooper for Labour.

John is a real loss, not just to Plaid, but to the council as a whole. From his questions in council meetings, it was clear that he had read the reports and understood them, and for this and his quiet, unassuming manner, he was one of the most respected councillors.

Standing for Plaid this time are Alun Davies and Nigel Evans. Labour is fielding only one candidate (Peter Cooper), with an Independent and a Tory also trying their luck.

But now it's time for a trip back in time as we head for St Clears.


Anonymous said...

If you're doing requests, how about Llangunnor?

Anonymous said...

Wyn Evans, the Independent councillor for Llanddarog hasn't fought an election since the 1980s. Could be interesting

Anonymous said...

"In common with every other Labour candidate in the Llanelli area, Jan Williams and Bill Thomas are worried about the future of the town's Prince Philip Hospital, you know - the one the Labour Party wants to downgrade"

the weakness of Plaid and the other parties in exposing and shaming the duplicitous and downright conning of the voters by Labour on the subject of hospital downgrades (by Labour) is ridiculous and insulting to the electorate. People need to get their acts together to stop Labour making political capital out of their own unpopular actions

Jac o' the North, said...

I'm enjoying this tour of a county to which I have a strong emotional attachment - great-grandfather, Dai Jones, came from Meidrim.

The piece on Saron suggested a Tory standing as a Tory. Shome mishtake, shurely!