Tuesday 10 April 2012

Carmarthenshire council elections - town and community councils

Before anyone asks, the election bus will not be setting off for a tour of these. We'd be at it for weeks. However, if there are any interesting stories out there, please let me know.

The full list can be found here.

From Cneifiwr's own neck of the woods, we have one new entrant for Newcastle Emlyn Town Council. Kathryn Rich runs an award-winning bed and breakfast at Maes y Derw (highly recommended, as you can see here).

As there are 11 candidates for 10 places, the Town Council will be having its first election in years.

With the straight-talking Kathryn on board, town council meetings should be a little livelier in future. Cneifiwr has also been told that while in the RAF she learned how to kill a man with her little finger.

You have been warned.


Anonymous said...

i'm waiting for the online version of the printed story that appeared in the southwales guardian today.
something about a rabid councillor. or was it the councillor describing themselves as rabid socialists.

personally i would have used the word avid. is there something going on around that area. quite a few hardliners in that neck of the woods. next someone will be comparing themselves to stalin.. hopefully not. the newspaper mentions there are a lot of labour candidates not standing for town council. quite a list of names. and it may leave some areas with no representatives, or even leave a gap for someone else to slip in. plaid haven't got a rep for one particular ward as that part usually goes to the labour? wonder who'll slip in??

and the 2activ8 smoothie bar in ammanford meryl G wrote a nice letter to the swguardian saying what a lovely place it is, something is going on there. they have withdrawn their printing and photocopying service unexpectedly.

when it opened last year, they were doing photocopying and printing 10 pence A4 sheet. 5p cheaper than the council library. apparently county hall do their printing for around 2p.. anyway, the printing service is no longer available. it's been said smoothies is not making any money on printing. and they said they are not a charity (whatever that meant).. if they're not making money, what does that say about county hall?


meryl did write a personal letter that was published in the swguardian after it opened praising smoothies saying what a fantastic place it is. 2activ8. are they having some funding pulled or was printing subsidized? now that's a thought...then again photocopying in the co-op is 5p a sheet.

personally i wouldn't go around announcing myself as rabid. hopefully it's just a figure of speech and not literally. could labour make things worse for themselves or are they laible to get away with just about anything at all? just as they usually do

Anonymous said...

something similar to ragamuffins in newcastle emlyn in a way