Wednesday 22 February 2017

Llanelli: and finally....(Updated)

Update 23 February 

Hardly surprisingly, the recent reports on this blog have not gone down well with the movers and shakers in the Llanelli Constituency Labour Party who see this as just a Plaid conspiracy.

All Cneifiwr will say for the time being is that they should read the posts carefully. The information received comes from a very wide range of sources, including some from within the Labour Party who are disgusted by what they see.

This blog has received a few comments in support of Cllr Tegwen Devichand in particular which have not been published - not because they are hostile to the blog, but because they have been couched in such extreme, vile and barely literate language that they cannot be put up. One in particular came from someone who is clearly on the extreme right.

In the meantime, the Labour Party says that it is conducting an investigation. Let's hope that it is fair and rigorous, and unless significant new evidence comes in, let's wait for the outcome of that investigation.


And finally, at the risk of sounding a bit like the Trevor Macdonald of old with all those "bongs" punctuating his bulletin, here is a round-up on what now feels like day 94 of - what shall we call it? - Labkip, Watersgate, or just plain old Llanelli Labour's Omnishambles.

BONG! Nia Griffith MP had nothing to say about anything.

BONG! Neither did Lee Waters who was rather more interested in plans to encourage cycling in Cardiff.

BONG! Tegwen Devichand told the BBC that she could not "remember" sharing Britain First hate propaganda.

BONG! More evidence emerged of links between Labour members and candidates in Llangennech and UKIP, and a tweet was unearthed from a very vocal Llanelli Labour activist who described Welsh-medium education as "fascism". If it really was fascism, you would have thought that some party members would be rushing to embrace it with open arms.

BONG! Keith Davies, Llanelli's Labour AM before Lee Waters told the BBC that he was disappointed that Lee Waters and Nia Griffith had not been more supportive of the plan to turn Llangennech school into a Welsh medium school. "And then maybe it wouldn't have come to this".

Here is a clip from his interview with subtitles.

Unless there are any major new revelations emerge, we will now have to wait for the outcome of Labour's investigation into the Llanelli CLP. Shredders and delete buttons must be working overtime down there in the meantime.

Cneifiwr will be returning to work after a few days of not so relaxing blogging, but in the meantime the next piece will catch up on one of the stories the blog was following before the dam burst.


Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job. Thanks

Jac o' the North, said...

You've been doing great work lately, and it's borne results.

The Llangennech bigots are exposed and 'Welsh' Labour is on the back foot. Then, the intervention of former AM Keith Davies has damaged Lee Waters and Nia Griffith. In addition, local Labour luminaries such as Dafen Dolly are also under the spotlight. It's win win win.

From following this saga both here and elsewhere it soon became clear how little support Beddows has, apart from Jacques Protic and a few more of his ilk. There's hardly been a rush of local parents to her support.

Anyway, my computer problems are nearly over and I plan to write a fresh post over the weekend, ready for Monday morning. I shall look at the wider implications of Llangennech and what it tells us about Labour's true position on the Welsh language and indeed Welsh identity.

Stan said...

I'd echo the two earlier contributors. Your blog has been eagerly awaited for each development of this story and has delivered in spades. But such has been the pace of events you must have been burning the midnight oil faster than Peter Hain in his heydays burnt oil on his Aga - and that's a lot of oil, let me tell you. Our thanks as well to Mrs Cyneifiwr for not dragging you off the keyboard.

Labour discredited in Llanelli, some its biggest names there having reputations deeply tarnished, Carwyn - as usual - behind the curve and being made to look inept even by Jeremy Corbyn (I quite like JC actually), and Jac is back online for the weekend. I'm normally a glass half empty man but by God, my cup overfloweth at the moment.

Cneifiwr said...

To "Welsh & Proud" who sent a comment - I think you need psychiatric help. Don't darken this door again. In 7 years of blogging, I have never seen such a weird and disturbing comment. Ych a fi.

Cai Larsen said...

Blogio arbennig o dda - ac effeithiol. Chware teg.

Cneifiwr said...

Diolch Cai. Mae llawer mwy i'w ddweud, ond yn anffodus mae'r sefyllfa yn Llangennech yn mynd o ddrwg i waeth yn ol y WM heddiw. Cawn weld.

Anonymous said...

Thank You to the vast members who have informed you and you for checking your information . Its good to see the truth come out . Its just a shame they dont come forward together .
It seems Theressa Bowen has been called vile names too and is blamed for recent events when the truth of the matter is Devichand is responsible for her own actions . I find it quite shocking Akhtar can staye on The Heralds story she always found Tegwen respectful to her yet she resigbed the labour party and co-op through bullying and duscrimination towards innocent cllrs by devichand and her daughter . Thats a odd one

Anonymous said...

Cneifiwr - I'd like add my thanks and appreciation to you for exposing the behaviour of this odious group who claim to represent the community of Llangennech.

Even more enlightening has been the coverage of the Llanelli Labour Party and their support for UKIP and other extreme right wing groups. What's particularly worrying here is the way the local AM, Lee Waters and MP, Nia Griffith have spectacularly failed to take action against those who have brought disrepute upon their party's name.

Having been found out, this discredited cabal are now claiming victimisation, ignorance and conspiracy in their attempt to conceal their involvement or limit the damage to their reputations.

Miss Marple said...

Surely it's no surprise any comments from Nia (I'm only in it for the money) Grifiths, and Lee (there's no brain here) Waters, are nowhere to be found! As for Tegwyn (Lady Macbeth, but without a conscience) Devichand, did anyone really expect anything other than, I don't remember.Why did anyone expect better? As I said in a previous reply - Llanelli Labour's new motto going into the elections in May should say - "It appears we can't fool all of the people all of the time, though God knows we did try". I think the fooling of the public is going seriously down hill, which begs the question, Why did KPD get involved, that's guaranteed to make the position worse.I feel sure that Carwyn has had opportunites in the past to clean up Llanelli labour, and make them look like a vague semblance of a political party, So why didn't he??

Anonymous said...

Oh Cneifiwr I enjoy reading your blog but I am so disappointed and offended when I read comments you make to undesirables that send you "weird or disturbing" comments. This is not the first time you have not liked comments made and suggested they need psychiatric help. Your comment makes the assumption and gives the impression that only people with mental health could say such things. I work hard to support such wonderful people with mental health whose condition is made worse by being stigmatised. Just remember that people who make disgusting, weird or disturbing comments are simply uncouth and evil. Please help to stamp out the stigma surrounding mental health and not fuel it. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Anon @20.31 Thank you for pulling me up on this. You are absolutely right.