Saturday 11 February 2017

Jacques, Jacqueline and Neil - Updated

Update 13 February 

More disturbing information about the activities of the Labour Party in Llangennech emerged yesterday.

It is now clear that Neil Hamilton's visit to the village was organised and staged in close collaboration with Labour Party supporters, with one of the main players standing as a Labour candidate in May's council elections.

Here is Michaela Beddows explaining how she and Jacqueline (that would be Jacqueline Seward, Labour's candidate for the county council ward) had been liaising with Hamilton and managing the PR.

This is surely a flagrant breach of Labour Party rules, and it will be interesting to see if Party HQ now intervenes to tackle the stench issuing from the Llanelli Labour Party.

One of Jacqueline Seward's other friends, Jacques Protic, was busy as usual on social media over the weekend, sending some frankly creepy messages to broadcaster Lucy Owen and Rydal Penrhos School.

Lucy Owen had posted a picture of her daughter predicting the score in the Wales v England game, with Protic telling her that Wales was a proper rugby team, not for girls. The Rydal Penrhos tweet showed five young boys on a scuba diving course, with Protic asking the school if the girls had chickened out.

The images will not be reproduced here, but have been saved by Protic watchers.

As a reminder, the Labour supporting right-wing extremist (yes, it is possible to be both these days) Protic worked closely with the group campaigning against the proposal to phase out the English medium stream in Llangennech.


Twitter was briefly ablaze yesterday with news from Llangennech which received a visit from Neil Hamilton and Christine, down for the day from Wiltshire to stir things up in the village.

Here are the happy families who claim to speak for 95% of the village saying cheese for the camera:

Sandwiched between Mr and Mrs H is Labour supporting Michaela Beddows, who readers will recall popped up on Question Time to declare that she had never had a problem with UKIP.

Absent from the picture is Labour's Cllr Kim Thomas who last month described plans to turn Llangennech into a Welsh medium school as apartheid - rather an odd thing to say for someone who is governor of a Welsh medium school, you might think.

Perhaps they found time to meet up for a chat later on to compare notes on South African politics because Neil Hamilton could have told her about the time he addressed the pro-Apartheid Springbok Club which wants to restore "civilised rule" to that country.

Drawn into the row on Twitter was Lee Waters, Labour's Assembly Member for Llanelli who is also not averse to dogwhistle politics.

One of the many questions he ignored on Twitter yesterday was whether Labour and UKIP were planning to field joint candidates in Llangennech.

That question was not as tongue in cheek as many might think, as readers can see for themselves if they compare the snapshot of the campaigners smiling happily with the Hamiltons above with this picture of Jacqueline Seward and friends out on the campaign trail last week.

Mrs Seward is standing for Labour in Llangennech and is a core member of the Beddows anti-Welsh medium group.

Seward's tweet was greeted enthusiastically by Jacques Protic, a virulently anti-Welsh nutcase of Serbian origins who runs the notorious hate-filled Glasnost website from his cave up in the north. Protic has previously described himself as a member of the Labour Party, although he believes that Carwyn Jones is a closet Welsh Nationalist.

For those unfamiliar with Twitter, Seward responded to the kisses with a "like".

Protic's interests include support for Donald Trump and right wing extremist groups, including Geert Wilders' PVV party in the Netherlands. He seems to be a fan of the Katie Hopkins, the Daily Mail's Voice of Reason, and quotes her rants with approval. One of his favourite words, as readers of the "Keep Llangennech Primary Dual Stream" website will recognise, is "currently", and currently Protic is fretting about the threats posed by refugees, gangs of Islamic rapists, schools indoctrinating children with anti-Brexit and anti-racist propaganda, as well as the evils of the Welsh language.

Readers of this blog were recently treated to a report of another Labour councillor in Llanelli disseminating leaflets produced by Britain First, a neo-Nazi group which describes itself as patriotic street fighters.

If it is true, as Kevin Madge maintains, that Labour in Llanelli is being infiltrated by "vicious" Corbinystas, the party seems to be just as comfortable cwtshing up to the extreme right.

When Labour's old guard used proudly to describe the party as a broad church, it is safe to say that never in their worst nightmares did they realise quite how broad Labour would become in Llanelli.


Stan said...

Thoroughly entertaining and informative, as usual. For me, the rather perverse connections between certain Labour Party personalities in Carmarthenshire and ghastly characters like Protic and the Hamiltons is proof of something I've long thought. Lots of these "Labour" sorts aren't true socialists at all but use the label as a flag of convenience as a means to get what they want, which is usually power. If they lived in Surrey they'd be Tories, Glasgow SNP and Clacton probably UKIP. Surely anyone of true principle would maintain a huge distance between themselves and the likes of Neil, Christine and Jacques, instead of cosying up to them. Do not believe the old adage that there's no such thing as bad publicity. This will backfire bigtime on those involved.

At best, Beddows' and Seward's actions reveal a remarkable naivety. At worst, a willingness to break bread with some of the most obnoxious racists in Welsh politics.

Michaela Beddows said...

oh bless you, totally misunderstanding the whole situation as usual, there is no UKIP/LABOUR alliamce in Llangennech only a Plaid Cymru dictatorship, run by a bunch of old, self important has beens who have no idea what the village wants or needs. Plaid Cymru is a discriminate party whose members are actually discriminating against the very people they say the represent. Carmarthenshire county council have an agenda, a very personal and political agenda, they have chosen to attempt to eradicate english medium education throughout the county, this is extremist behaviour at its very worse.

Our group is not anti welsh language and if you took the time to actually read what we are saying properly you would realise this. We are fighting to maintain a dual stream school which is both english and welsh and if that makes us anti welsh then you are pathetic.

Learning and speaking through the medium of welsh is a right of all people in wales, if they choose to do so, and I fully support that, but Wales has two official languages and in all fairness the majority of people in wales speak english, so it is not right to force this minority language on the children of our community.

As for the involvment of Neil Hamilton, that had nothing whatsoever to do with Llangennech Labour, I contacted Mr Hamilton and he offered his full support, and thanks to him our cause has been represented on both welsh and english media now. You would not take one bullet into a battle you would take all the ammunition you could take and that is exactly what I am doing. I am fighting a battle of common sense and fairness and if that means involving UKIP, Conservatives, Labour or even fair minded Plaid Cymru members then I will do so.

So before commenting your drivel, get your facts straight first.

Cneifiwr said...

Michaela, you have been rumbled, and if you had a shred of sense, you would realise that you and some of your friends have brought shame and disgrace on your campaign and damaged your community. Hamilton and your buddy Protic have nothing to do with fairness or common sense, and you are helping them to spread their message of hate.


Anonymous said...

You really are llanelli labour . As for your attack on the plaid in llangenech let me tell you as a national LABOUR party member . Gwyneth Thomas is one of the hardest working carung clkrs you will ever meet . She put llanelli people before herself . She is genuinely hard working and i find your comment very offensive ! Old ? Self important ? You silly lityle girl !

Anonymous said...

Very troubling indeed and it would be good to think this would backfire on Labour and UKIP in May, but i doubt it will, the decades long brain washing over the welsh language is potent.

UKIP's hatred and division got them 7 AM's and swayed Wales to vote against it interest but Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and sadly Plaid Cymru are all dancing to UKIP tune on Brexit and immigration, Leaving the EU will be catastrophic for Wales, yet those who believe in the EU are mute - why?

Wales in 2017 is looking more like a region of England, no differences allowed, that's what UKIP want and what Labour will exploit and no one is fighting back, perhaps that's what the majority in Wales want after all.

Jac o' the North, said...

It's possible that Michaela Beddows sees nothing wrong with lining up the Labour Party, and her campaign, with Apartheid-supporting, cash-for-questions Neil Hamilton and off-the-wall bigot Jacques Protic, that son of the Balkans who thinks that Rhodri Morgan and Carwyn Jones are closet nationalists because they speak Welsh.

On the other hand, maybe she realises what ugly company she's keeping, which would suggest that her campaign is really desperate for support.

Talking of support, where's that priest in the fetching cassock, he from Loyal Ulster, who also spent time in Suid Afrika?

Does the Llangennech anti-Welsh campaign have any local support apart from Michaela Dennis and her friend Jacqueline Seward?

Anonymous said...

Some issues are above party politics and the welsh/english school question is one of them.

Stan said...

In response to Michaela's point about you wouldn't take one bullet into a battle but all the ammunition you could take. OK - but you wouldn't introduce Sarin gas into the conflict either. Or would you?

Anonymous said...

Regards the priest, I believe that he has retired from duties in Llangennech. Apparently he is now studying to become a priest within the Greek Orthodox Church.

Anonymous said...

Welsh speaking is on the rise and therefor education to support this needs to be in place - I live in an English speaking part of Wales and I can tell you Welsh really is on the rise - in my life time so many more are speaking it and wanting their children to know it.

Learning a language is mandatory at Secondary level so children who go through Llangennech will have an advantage over children who attended monolingual schools and it's a well known fact that you are able to learn other languages far easier when you're already bi/multi-lingual - that is essentially at least one free GCSE - more if your child decides they want French, German or Spanish. But you are not complaining about mandatory nature of language education in Secondaries... just that its "not right to force this minority language on the children of out community". You are attacking Welsh, Wales and your group is anti-Welsh.

"Learning and speaking through the medium of welsh is a right of all people in wales, if they choose to do so, and I fully support that, but Wales has two official languages and in all fairness the majority of people in wales speak english"

There is a line in Game of Throne's where a character states that "nothing some one says before but really counts". The language you are attacking has survived Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings and Normans. It'll survive your puny laughable attempts too. This has made me into a Plaid supporter through and through.