Wednesday 14 January 2015

Is John Jenkins about to come out of the closet?

Fresh from the ever active Llanelli rumour mills come reports that John Jenkins, one-time Tory boy and now a colourful and controversial unaffiliated councillor for the town, is giving serious consideration to standing as Ukip's candidate in the general election.

It is fair to say that few if any of Carmarthenshire's County Councillors have a Wikipedia entry to themselves - not even Meryl Gravell does - leave alone a lengthy resume of their careers to date.

This could be a marriage made in heaven.


Anonymous said...

He may be a Tory in disguise but a Fascist UKPI I don't think Try the former Lib Dem

Redhead said...

"Absurd egomaniac opportunist" springs to my mind. There are other words but probably not suitable for a public airing.