Tuesday 27 January 2015


Here for your entertainment is a selection of anecdotes about the leadership style of Bryn Parry-Jones, the former chief executive of Pembrokeshire County Council.

According to a source who was there, a select group was invited over to the Parry-Jones's before Christmas for drinks and nibbles. The party spent the entire time in the kitchen. When Bryn was asked if they would be staying in the kitchen, he replied that he could not afford to heat the rest of the house.

Staff at County Hall in Haverfordwest were given a written instruction that if they saw the great man walking through the offices they were not to engage him in conversation because "he is a very busy man".

In his capacity as returning officer Bryn last year delivered a seminar for staff involved in running elections. He delivered his lengthy piece facing the audience with his eyes closed the entire time.


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Surprised to be saying it but the blog loses its shine in my opinion when side tracked with substance lacking character assassinations based on hearsay...slow news day perhaps.

Second hand snipes based on anonymous sources are best left to the gutter press...rise above it.

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