Sunday 2 November 2014

Rodent news

Bryn Parry-Jones eventually walked off with around £280,000 after the man from the WAO, Anthony Barrett, forced the council to lop £52,000 off the settlement.

A last minute attempt to challenge the deal in the High Court failed when Labour councillor, Paul Miller, was refused an injunction.

That would seem to be the end of the story in Pembrokeshire, but there have been so many twists and turns, I wouldn't want to put money on it.

Earlier in the summer Unison held a protest outside County Hall in Haverfordwest, and star of the show was a giant inflatable rat.

An American cousin

If you're reading this ratty, I'm sure County Hall in Carmarthen would be delighted to receive a visit as we wait to find out how much loot Mark James will be given to vacate his office.

Will Kevin Madge be following the example set by the Labour leader in Haverfordwest and take out an injunction? On himself.

Meanwhile, the petition calling on the council not to pay Mr James another penny has been gaining support, so much so that IT managers in County Hall had to be instructed to block access to staff tempted to express their feelings last week.

There is still time to sign - it only takes a minute!

In other Rotten Borough-related news, the Carmarthen Journal reports that Ryan Thomas, one of Labour's (presumably now former) rising stars will be going on trial in Swansea in a case of alleged sexual assault.

The case apparently revolves around an incident at the mayor making ceremony at Kidwelly Town Council earlier this year (see previous post).

Kidwelly Town Council is itself no stranger to controversy, and must surely be in the running for the title of Most Dysfunctional Town Council in Wales. Here are some recent headlines:

Financial report highlights major problems - the council wrongly used funds from its capital budget to finance ongoing ordinary expenditure, and may now have to raise the precept by 50%.

Bar room brawl behaviour witnessed at Kidwelly Town Council meeting

One of the leading lights on the council is Keith Davies (Lab), who also occupies the post of Executive Board Member for Education in the County Council.

And finally, there are reports from Llanelli that Ukip deselected its parliamentary candidate just 24 hours after selecting him/her. A branch meeting of Farage's Fan Club is due to be held on 5 November at the Stradey Park Hotel. Quite a few rodents are believed to be taking an interest.


Anonymous said...

It has been Carmarthenshire council policy is that they no longer pay to get rid of rats and other rodents, large or small.

Cneifiwr said...

You make a very good point there, Anon.