Tuesday 11 November 2014

Ukip News

Fresh from its stormy Fireworks Night session in the Stradey Park Hotel where a Llanelli Star reporter was ordered to leave what was supposed to be a public meeting, Ukip has been busy fishing for kippers in County Hall.

It is understood that a number of right-thinking councillors on the Independent benches have been approached with invitations to join the Farage Fan Club. One councillor informed the talent scout that he was gay and has not been troubled since.

Perhaps they will have more luck in Swiss Valley.

Meanwhile an eagle-eyed reader spotted the following letter to the editor of the Llanelli Star from earlier this year.

IT was very refreshing to see while shopping in Llanelli town centre, local members of the United Kingdom Independence Party campaigning for support.

I noticed many people stopped to talk with them and take their literature. Obviously voters are now prepared to consider alternative policies to those being practiced by the current MPs in Westminster. I think people are losing patience with the old parties and their broken promises. I took their leaflets and they gave me plenty of food for thought.

Elaine Clark
The Mariners

Mrs Clark probably has several boxes of Ukip leaflets stored at home because she is married to Barry Clark, the Chair of Ukip's Llanelli branch.

Let's hope she cleans behind the fridge.




Anonymous said...

What an offensive comment to all Swiss Valley people

Anonymous said...

Swiss Valley ??? don't get that

beast of trelech said...

oh dear, sounds like someone is misleading the public via the media.. then again, i'm not so sure when i have seen with my own eyes and ears that local community councillors are misleading each other inside chamber with outrageous misinformation, instigated by a party who should know better (not labour, ukip, independent or libdem) And the lack of respect for democracy and relevent parties by bringing onto agenda a certain subject that is currently being reviewed by a welsh assembly minister

Anonymous said...

Gosh how funny!