Wednesday 26 February 2014

Councils in Crisis: What the papers say

As Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire county councils edge ever closer to melt-down, and the clock ticks down on tomorrow's extraordinary meeting in Carmarthen, here is a handy guide to what the local press is saying.

South Wales Guardian

"Future of council leader hangs in balance"

And in a separate opinion piece:

"Leader Kevin Madge and two other senior figures are the subjects of a Plaid no confidence motion. Rather than blindly obeying party lines it is vitally important that each and every member coolly weighs up all the evidence put before them before deciding where to cast their vote"

Pembrokeshire Herald

"Votes of no confidence in senior [council] officers"

"Grants fraud rocks council"

Western Telegraph 

"Motion of no confidence in Pembrokeshire County Council chief exec Bryn Parry-Jones to go before full council."

"EXCLUSIVE: Assembly Member Angela Burns - it's time for the chief exec AND the council leader to stand aside."

Llanelli Star

"Man arrested after indecent exposure at Asda"

Carmarthen Journal

"Photographer debuts unique snapshots of Laugharne"

In other exciting news, the Journal announces the launch of a new fitness blog written by Tara Hammett. The lovely Tara, featured wearing black lace underwear while wrapping her hand in a bandage, apparently in preparation for a round in the boxing ring, will be introducing her TARAnsformation (geddit?) programme to help "educate, inspire and motivate so many TARAnsformers to shed inches, eat well and feel the fittest ever".

Meanwhile over on Twitter the paper's editor was excited by last night's edition of Y Byd ar Bedwar, although not for the reasons you might expect. The burning question she most wanted answered was what had happened to Rhodri Glyn Thomas's "swish leather biker jacket".


Martin Milan said...

I'm guessing I wasn't alone in reading my way down that list going "C'mon - where's the Journal???", waiting for the laugh...

Anonymous said...

We have the same thing here in England. Our lical rag - and I chose that word - puts council puff jobs on its front page or " cat gets stuck in drainpipe" stuff with public putcries relegated to small paras inside. Why? Because it gets a great deal of income from council notices, job adverts, etc. Buttered bread.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the photographer was your erstwhile CEO taking advantage of his leave .....