Tuesday 11 February 2014

Council crisis: Carwyn hasn't forgotten us

"Weighed in" is what you normally read in the papers when someone, usually someone higher up, intervenes in a row. Well, Carwyn Jones hasn't exactly weighed in to the scandals in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire, but he has sidled up to them, coughed, and spoken in lawyerly code.

He has urged both councils to "deal with the situation and act", to "consider the law" and not think that they can put the auditor's reports to one side. Carwyn Jones also said he was surprised to see that the chief executive of Pembrokeshire earned £65,000 a year more than he did.

Obviously Carwyn needs to read the newspapers a bit more often.

The problem with all this is that Kevin Madge probably does think that digging his heels in, refusing to suspend the chief executive and attacking the auditor and the opposition is dealing with the situation.

A couple of years ago when Carmarthenshire received some extra money from the Welsh Government for something or other, Kev told councillors that "Carwyn hasn't forgotten us".

It's a safe bet that Carwyn wishes he could forget Kevin Madge and the rest of the Carmarthenshire Labour Party right now.


Anonymous said...

He was surprised!Well didn't he know that.The first minister didn't know? Is he living on mars.

Anonymous said...

Who decides on the amount of Chief Exec. salaries?