Thursday 20 June 2013

Iechyd da! Evangelical Bowling with a Difference

The doors of Towy Community Church's bowling alley have finally opened, and bang on cue the Licensing Committee of Carmarthenshire County Council has granted the premises a licence to serve alcohol from 10 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.

The licence application was opposed by other churches and local residents who say that they were promised by TCC that the venture would not sell alcohol. You can decide for yourselves who to believe.

In the controversy leading up to the granting of a licence, the church indicated that it was willing to compromise over licensing hours after questions were raised about the need to sell alcohol so early in the morning. In the event, no compromise was needed.

The church's pastor, Mr Mark Bennett told BBC Cymru that there would be no pumps or spirits on sale, "just a couple of bottles in the fridge".

How much the church itself has invested in the project remains a mystery, and thanks to some fairly nifty legal and financial footwork, anyone interested will have to wait until the end of this year in the slim hope that the church's accounts will cast some light on the matter.

The next phase of this exciting project will include an auditorium where the church will hold its services, although it is adamant that this should not be described as a church, along with what the architect's plans decribe as "therapy" rooms.

Quite what sort of therapy is to be offered is not clear.

Meanwhile heaven forbid that any nosey neighbours should take to inspecting the church's bins to see whether more than just a "couple of bottles" of alcoholic refreshment have been consumed.


Jac o' the North, said...

Booze! 'Therapy'! Begins to sound more and more like one of those establishments where tired businessmen are encouraged to go in order to 'relax'.

Next time I'm coming through the old town I might call in for a snifter and perhaps have the demons cast out by some nubile 'therapist'. Oh, yes!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful institution...., NOT.

Evangelical... Alcohol.....Therapy.... Is this going to be a case of supply alcohol then that creates a demand and evangelical create their own social enterprise purely for alcoholics who are able to drink from 9.30 until late at night and have a relaxation, counselling or natural therapy to help them relax and. Enjoy a little more!!,

What a load of CRAP...

We would have been better off having a franchise in carmarthenshire that was not linked to religion!!! Bowlio, alcohol and Holyio do not mix well!!!

There is not enough for the youngsters in Carmarthenshire and now many vulnerable kids etc can only go to bowling in a place that is linked to wierd shit!!

How about we set up our own in llanelli??? C'mon Cneifwr help us try to do something constructive before every charity is created by this evangelical lot!!!

Probably wont get the funding though!!!????