Thursday 25 April 2013

The Chief Executive speaks to the Nation

Update 26 April

Thanks to Anon again (see comments below). It turns out that the programme was pre-recorded. Anyone who tuned in to listen to what was no doubt a carefully edited programme can get in touch in the usual way. Mowing the lawn seemed more important.

Update 25 April

Thanks to Anon below. It seems that the programme will go out at between 6pm amd 7pm on Friday, 26 April.  It also appears that Mr James will not be taking questions directly from the great unwashed after all.


Radio signals in this part of the world can be quite fickle, and Radio Cymru seems to come and go every couple of miles, necessitating frequent re-tuning of the car radio to retrieve the dusky tones of Iola Wyn or the excellent Garry Owen, the world's greatest living broadcaster. So many readers will have found themselves accidentally listening to Radio Carmarthenshire for a few minutes.

Today the station will join the Carmarthen Journal in spreading Mr James's vision of the future that faces our county as he takes to the airwaves, and apparently Radio Carmarthenshire's listener will be given an opportunity to phone in with questions.

Cneifiwr can think of quite a few questions that could be asked, although it is unlikely that many answers would be forthcoming.

But if you can find Radio Carmarthenshire on your wireless, you may catch Mr James at some point today.

Unfortunately the station's website has no details, presumably for security reasons, but it is likely that  invitations to phone in will have gone out to a small number of reliable callers, such as "Debbie" from Carmarthen who will probably ask:

"Would the Chief Executive like to share with listeners his thoughts on why Carmarthenshire is the best run county council in all Wales?"

Or possibly "Kev" from Ammanford:

"I would like to congratulate the officers of the council...blah blah [confused waffle continues until the end of the programme].


Lesley said...

A council employee has asked me to ring in with a question about why we have paid, and are paying, so much to support the Scarlets - but I have a feeling that (a) the question won't get past the censor and (b) my name will be on the list of banned questioners!

Anonymous said...

Everyone has the right to speak and go on radio, even the chief executive

Cneifiwr said...

Anon @ 10.57 Of course he has a right to speak. A pity that he runs a council which is so hostile to freedom of expression and open debate.

@ Lesley You could try using a pseudonym. Debbie, for example.

Anonymous said...

But nobody from the council ever wants to make an audual ( ?) appearance on BBC Radio Cymru or Wales. I take issue with you Cneifiwr an encounter with Gary Owen is like being cross examined by Bungle from Rainbow

Anonymous said...

Looks like it will be tomorrow (Fri). This was just published on R Carms Facebook page;
TUNE IN EXCLUSIVE: Between 6 and 7pm tomorrow, Radio Carmarthenshire will be in conversation with the Chief Executive of Carmarthenshire County Council. Carl Hartley will be asking him the questions the County want to know, from whether it's true he get's paid more than the Prime Minister and whether the Council could have done more to save former Welsh Premier champions Llanelli AFC who this week were wound up! Plus we'll ask him much more, from the parking situation in Carmarthen to why public money was spent funding his legal fight with a blogger. So Join Mark James the Chief Executive of Carmarthenshire County Council tomorrow evening from 6pm on Radio Carmarthenshire.

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to put forward further questions?

Anonymous said...

@anon 18.49
The latest from R Carms Facebook page to a similar enquiry was;

"unfortunately we have already gathered the questions as this is a pre-recorded interview. We did invite listener questions earlier in the week, and these were the basis for the question & answer session with Mark"

a2 said...

they were talking about Llanelli Football Club who most people by now know they were wound up. chief exec says they were not approached by the club for assistance and the first they heard of it was through the 'news'.. then he went on to say ccc will give them assistance if it is requred in the future... then they played money is too tight to mention by simply read... whether that was coincidental or bad taste by carmarthenshire radio is debatable. or just plain old fashioned crass - money is too tight to mention when a football club has been wound up in the high court is distasteful. oh and the band name simply red - Llanelli's nickname...oh dear

a2 said...

on radio, he said he was HORRIFIED when he read jacqui thompson's blog

i'm trying to find an old press report where he mentions he was suprised.

did he say in 'court' he was horrified? my memory is fading a bit lately

Anonymous said...

The chief executive did nothing about the particular blog post(about which he was HORRIFIED) until Jaqui began her case against him.Is that not strange?
He certainly took long enough to decide he was HORRIFIED.