Monday 22 April 2013

A Development Opportunity in Newcastle Emlyn

According to reports coming in from local sources, Carmarthenshire County Council is hoping to sell a couple of small fields located on a bend in the river in Newcastle Emlyn behind the Maes Llywelyn residential care home and the Day Centre.

At a rough guess, the site extends to about 5 acres and is currently a favourite haunt for walkers and other fauna and fauna, such as otters and recently a naked young man who jogged through the fields, past Maes Llywelyn and on to the playing fields of Ysgol y Ddwylan.

The identity of the naturist remains unknown, and since it was such a cold day, the police don't have much to go on.

A couple of years ago part of the fields was offered up for use as allotments, but the scheme fell through because of council red tape.

The site is not earmarked for housing development under the Local Development Plan, and it forms part of the Teifi Valley Special Site of Scientific Interest and a European Special Area of Conservation. Being right next to the river, it is also on a flood plain.

The fields therefore tick all the boxes required for housing development in Carmarthenshire, and it is to be hoped that the council can find the right kind of investor. Perhaps Meryl will let Robbie Savage know.


Anonymous said...

When it floods how deep does it cover these fields?

Anonymous said...

This is interesting... Although I've previously had experience of a false rumour king around about the council selling something. It might just be that they would like to have it given to a third party for maintenance as it's not a statutory provision.