Sunday 2 September 2012

Wales Blog Awards

After a few days away I came back to the blog to discover that it had been nominated for this year's Wales Blog Awards. Thank you to whoever it was that nominated my ravings and, more importantly, thanks to my readers. Your comments are appreciated, even the ones I disagree with.

Mrs C is one of those people who likes watching the endless parade of guff and tears that you get at award ceremonies, and as a miserable old git Cneifiwr invariably finds something better to do when they are on the telly. So this puts me into a bit of a quandary, but what the Wales Blog Awards show is the sheer breadth of  talent we have in Cymru fach.

The shortlist includes blogs I have not come across before, such as the very moving Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night. There are others that have not made it, including some excellent Welsh language blogs, such as Garddiadur, and Tonnau'r Haul i Bethau Lliwgar a Blasus (both on gardening and growing your own food). Another gem is Paned a Chacen, a blog about home baking. There are also some very good newcomers, including West Wales News Review which recently carried three very interesting pieces on market gardening. I also have high hopes for the new, satirical Llygad Ddu.

Ifan Morgan Jones has explained the thinking behind dropping blogs written in Welsh as a separate category, and I will write about that later this week.

In the meantime, please have a look at the list of nominations and cast your votes when the public poll begins. It really doesn't matter who wins, but at least a few votes would show that we are not howling into the wind.


Tessa said...

Excellent news for you and jacqui both - and the nominations very well deserved. Pob lwc!

Tonnau'r Haul said...


Diolch yn fawr am y cymeradwyaeth i fy mlog Tonnau'r Haul... sydd wedi bod yn gysglyd dros ben yn ddiweddar.