Tuesday 4 September 2012

More Top Grrrr

Thanks to a recent freedom of information request, we now have details of the fleet of 577 vehicles owned by or leased to Carmarthenshire County Council. The information is provided in spreadsheet format, and so unless you are an accountant, it is not very exciting to look at.

But look closely, and you will see tucked among all the vans, battalions of diesel guzzling 4x4 pick-ups and refuse trucks quite a lot of smart cars.

The council does not appear to have a fixed purchasing policy when it comes to sourcing its vans and other commercial vehicles (let alone saloon cars), but buys or leases Fords, Vauxhalls, Mercedes, Peugeot and quite a few other makes. Getting value for money by concentrating on one or two suppliers and hammering out the best deal does not seem to be a priority.

When it comes to cars, we have quite a range to choose from, including several Mercs (naturally), a Jaguar, VWs, Skodas (rather than the near identical but cheaper SEAT), Fords, etc. A good many of these would appear to be destined for senior officers under a leasing scheme.

Here for all you petrol heads is a selection of the vehicles on offer culled from the spreadsheet.

Cneifiwr Clarkson

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