Friday 21 September 2012

Bargain tickets! A staff announcement

One of the highlights of the coming weekend will be tonight's game between Scarlets and the Ospreys at Parc y Scarlets in Llanelli, built and largely run courtesy of Carmarthenshire's council tax payers.

If you are fortunate enough to be on the Council's payroll, you can take advantage of a generous corporate discount. Hurry, hurry! For the rest of us, it's full whack, I'm afraid.

Here's the e-mail reminding council officers and staff:

"Big staff discount for this weeks Scarlets V osprerys rugby game

Our staff are being offered a large discount for this friday’s Scarlets rugby game at Parc Y Scarlets v the Ospreys. Usual adult ticket discounted from £22.00 to £13.00, with children between 12 – 18 at £5.00 with under 11’s free. To get this corporate discount, you must pay for tickets before Friday and be in a group of at least four paying people. If interested, let me know and I will email over a corporate booking form.  

Both main stands are sold out already. Kick off is 7.05pm with entertainment beforehand".


Anonymous said...

Is this what council tax payers pay tax for? Glad I don't live in the county but some of my family do.

Anonymous said...

this is not unusual for the rugby clubs to do

in most of teh big companies in the area, or public sector bodies, the Ospreys and Scarlets appoint volunteers who flog cheap tickets on bulk to employees. It happens in the DVLA and the NHS, It's been a tactic to get bigger crowds for a while.

Anonymous said...

how does that work? either they go to the employees or the employees come to them. now i would be pretty well chaffed if i had to pay full price for a ticket out from a paypacket which is less than a council employee's and they get it half price.

That sounds like a local derby that hasn't been sold out and they're desperate to get shot of the remainder. Would be a better system if they had pricing across the board like normal clubs do so they wouldn't end up with spares.(a2)

Anonymous said...

@ A3

The point is, this is nothing to do with being a 'council employee'. Some of which recieve 'pay packets' which are part-time at minimum wage i.e cleaners.

It works by setting up a supporters club in your organisation, run by volunteers and nothing to do with the company/organisation management. Anyone can set up a supporters' club in their company and ask the relevant club for an allocation of tickets to sell on bulk.

Anonymous said...

@ 14:25 Is it the volunteers who hand out cut price theatre tickets and race days in Ffoslas too?