Friday 8 August 2014

Eisteddfod fever

This year's National Eisteddfod in Llanelli is likely to go down as one of the best ever, helped along by superb weather and a great location.

It is sad to report, then, that there have been two notable absences from the festivities.

The first was the Chief Executive of Carmarthenshire County Council, Mark James, who went on holiday rather than attend what is without doubt the largest single event to have taken place in the county since he was appointed to the post in 2001.

Fortunately Dewi Pws (look him up if you don't know) volunteered to stand in for Mr James on the County Council's site today. Wearing a suit, tie and a very dodgy looking wig, "Mr James" ordered a large crowd who had come to show their support for the Welsh language in Carmarthenshire off his land, telling them that he needed it for a new housing development.

Earlier in the week Keith Davies (Lab), the Assembly Member for Llanelli famous for an uproarious night on the town with a raven-haired mystery woman (here), was in attendance at an Eisteddfod reception for the great and the good. Mr Davies was described by some present as being "ebullient" until it seems that the effects of a long and tiring day combined with the emotion of welcoming the Eisteddfod to Llanelli, causing the politician to fall over.

He was subsequently admitted to hospital where the Llanelli Star says he was treated for an infection and fever, and he was regrettably forced to cancel all his remaining engagements for the week.

We live in an age obsessed with taking pictures at awkward moments, but for the sake of young readers and those of a sensitive disposition, this blog will not be publishing the snaps.

Here's wishing Keith a speedy recovery and a picture taken in happier times.


Jac o' the North, said...

"Ebullient"! Love it! A new euphemism is coined.

Redhead said...

What did those people have shoved up ... no better not go there!

Richard Powell said...

Surely the Eisteddfod is enhanced by the absence of Mr James?

I dropped in this afternoon. Compared to the 2000 Eisteddfod on the same site - the only other one I have been to, as I prefer to wait for the Eisteddfod to come to me rather than the other way round - this year's seemed larger and livelier. A very positive experience. More activity of all descriptions - such as secondhand bookshops which I don't remember from before. I also suspect it's been more positive for the town: in 2000 there were expectations that the Eisteddfod would bring business to Llanelli, but the visitors didn't seem to mingle then. They've been more in evidence this time.

Let us hope Mr Davies' recovery is not long delayed.

Blodwen said...

If, as you say, the photo you published was taken "in happier times" then I dread to think what that quartet look like when they're feeling miserable!