Wednesday 23 April 2014

An awayday with Pam and Meryl

This week's sizzling Carmarthen Journal carries a feisty letter from Simon Buckley of Evan Evans, the Llandeilo brewery company.

Cneifiwr harbours suspicions that Simon has Liberal Democrat tendencies, which if true makes him a very rare and endangered species in Carmarthenshire, but whatever his politics he certainly does not like Carmarthenshire's Independents whom he refers to as "Meryl Gravell's Gang".

In common with so many other observers of Carmarthenshire politics, Simon wonders how you can be independent if you join a political group, accept a party whip and take your orders from Matron.

Residents of Carway near Kidwelly probably thought that they were hosting a Saga Tours coach trip this week as the massed ranks of Pam's Independents descended on the village for a group away-day. Unlike corporate team building sessions, it is unlikely that the event would have featured gruelling exercises on army-style assault courses or raft building competitions, unless the party's youth wing (Giles Morgan, still short of his half century the babe of the group) performed solo. And while Bruce Forsyth might still be able to trip the light fantastic, ballroom dancing was probably also ruled out on health and safety grounds.

That probably leaves just listening to the thoughts of Pam and Meryl over tea and buttered scones.

As fates go it's probably better than death. But only just.


Anonymous said...

Ew, now I'm thinking of Pam and Meryl over buttered scones. I think I'm gonna be sick...........

Cai Larsen said...

Efallai mai aros yno am baned ar y ffordd i Oakwood ddaru nhw.

Anonymous said...

So you think that any of the Independents would show such freedom of spirit, "outside the box" thinking, or sheer bloody-mindedness as to have the temerity to ask Meryl an Pam if they could please have a slice of bara brith instead?

Silly question really.

Anonymous said...

doniol iawn

Anonymous said...

Love the cardi Meryl.