Monday 17 March 2014

History Corner: Office Furniture

Two chief executives are involved in a tug of war over their office furniture, The Western Mail reports
Two chief executives are involved in a tug of war over their office furniture, The Western Mail reports (p3).
Bryn Parry-Jones took the furniture he chose for his former office at Llanelli Town Hall with him when he was appointed chief executive of Pembrokeshire UA, and the new authority willingly agreed to pay the Llanelli Borough Council valuation of £1,650.
But, says the Mail, members of the new Carmarthenshire Unitary Authority have now instructed their chief executive Roderic Morgan to recover the furniture as it is 'an asset they are to inherit.'
Mr Morgan says it will be needed because he intends to use the office at Llanelli on a regular basis.
The Western Mail says Mr Morgan could have a long wait, because the leader of Llanelli Borough Council, Wynn Jenkins, says:
'As far as I am concerned the furniture is staying in Pembrokeshire - and they have already sent us a cheque for it.' He said that under Welsh Office rules Llanelli was entitled to dispose of anything under the value of £100,000 without consulting the shadow authority.
17 October 1995


Anonymous said...

Well we know where their priorities lay.

Anonymous said...

Who agreed it and is there any asset transfer paperwork? Follow the money!

Anonymous said...

Surely, the correct procedure if the furniture was surplus to requirements would be to sell the furniture on the open market for the best price?

If it wasn't surplus to requirements (i.e. if it wAS sold exactly the same furniture needed to be bought to replace it) then it should not have been sold at all.

County Hall Mole said...

I wonder if Carmarthenshire County Council could do the same? We've got a dodgy Cabinet free to a good home. One dodgy owner (who's also selling a desk as he's away from it at the moment). Ho ho ho!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think that now S4C are moving to Caerfyrddin then we can expect to see our Chief Exec and the Council Leader speaking Welsh occasionally in meetings?

Also if the present political situation continues then S4C will have the makings of either a political drama or a weekly farce on their doorstep and you should get busy with your pencil. Just show the commissioning eds some of your blogs. Pobl y Cwm needs some competition!

Unknown said...

Are you going to do a follow up article? Would love to know what happens next.

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