Wednesday 10 July 2013

TAN20 - A very odd consultation

Cneifiwr has recently been involved in a couple of long-running scraps in the comments section of this blog with people whom he suspects of being Independent and/or Labour county councillors. Either that, or they are very strange people who have formed some sort of cargo cult involving worship of Councillors Tom Theophilus and Callum Higgins.

In one of their responses on the subject of TAN20, Cllr Anon said with an air of authority, "Carmarthenshire County Council gave their consultation response in 2011", before suggesting that Carwyn Jones's recent request for fresh responses could be open to legal challenge.

As we know, the official consultation ended on 11 June 2011, since when the whole thing has been gathering dust in some dark basement in Cardiff.

The document which invited interested parties to respond to the consultation said:

The Welsh Assembly Government intends to publish a summary of the responses to this document. We may also publish responses in full. Normally, the name and address (or part of the address) of the person or organisation who sent the response are published with the response. This helps to show that the consultation was carried out properly...

Cneifiwr was unable to find the promised published responses anywhere, so he asked the Welsh Government to point him in the right direction.

Back came a response that the original responses were "currently not stored online", but a consultation report would be published along with the revised TAN20 in the autumn.

So whether Carmarthenshire County Council really did respond to the original consultation, and what it said if it did is not known. 

Anyone interested in finding out may wish to make a freedom of information request.


Anonymous said...

So much interest in TAN20 and so little interest in our failing primary, secondary and tertiary education systems.

Is it any wonder the rest of the world has nothing but contempt for the 'modern' Welsh.

Anonymous said...

can you qualify that statement please, ie the rest of the world, and why is our education in a state? could you qualify that as well as the pronouncement sounded well, quite contemptous. All these matters in the same hands and this blog does take a look at all aspects of modern welsh life.

Cneifiwr said...

Thanks Anon @13.28. As it happens, I've got a piece about education coming up which I suspect Anon @10.14 won't like one little bit.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10:14, If you care to browse through Cneifiwr's blog you will find that he/she takes a great interest in many things that have a detrimental effect on people and children in Carmarthenshire, including education! In fact if it were not for bloggers like Cneifiwr and Caebrwyn, we would all be like mushrooms i.e. kept in the dark by CCC and fed manure.

Tessa said...

Yes 'here here', Anon 13:55. We are done a much greater service by unpaid bloggers, whistleblowers and some journalists than by the flippin' regulatory and watchdog and other - paid - bodies in most instances.

Anonymous said...

Well said Tessa

Anonymous said...

Anon 13.28 go find another blog to read, Cneifiwr gives us info we aren't always privy to.

However, you are quite correct with your comment of " all these matters in the same hands" ..... This is a big part of the problems we encounter and the lack of info and transparency. Cneifiwr enlightens us and allows us to make our own decisions, assumptions etc..... It's called choice!

Could you clarify "modern Welsh life"....?