Tuesday 16 October 2012

Lifting the lid

It was good to see that two Plaid Cymru councillors were responsible for proposing an amendment to Carmarthenshire County Council's draft (and daft) policy on recording public meetings that would allow members of the public to film and record these events for themselves, and even better news that their proposal gained cross-party support on the Policy and Resources Scrutiny Committee.

You can see fuller treatment of this over on Caebrwyn's blog.

The fact that Plaid's amendment gained cross-party support will be important when the proposals go before the ruling Executive Board, where no doubt the legal advice will be full of dire warnings about quoting out of context, possible defamatory statements and the general opening of the floodgates to allow Joe Public to see what council meetings are really like.

Plaid's statement announcing the move and the part played by Cllrs Darren Price and Alun Lenny can be found here. Da iawn bois!

Gorslas - Darren PriceCarmarthen Town South - Alun Lenny

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Anonymous said...

Supported by Labour and Independent Councillors just to clarify !!