Thursday 1 March 2012

Mr Moon to the rescue

The Carmarthen Journal reports that Rupert Moon, former Wales cap, ex-broadcaster and businessman has been persuaded to stand in the council elections in May to replace Cllr Clive Scourfield in the ward of Gorslas. Mr Moon is currently commercial director of the Scarlets, a rather more challenging role than his previous ventures.

Cllr Scourfield has been no stranger to controversy in his stint on the county council, where he is currently member of the ruling Executive Board responsible for regeneration. One of the flagship regeneration schemes in his portfolio was, of course, the Parc y Scarlets development in Llanelli which has turned out to be a bottomless money pit for the hard-pressed taxpayers of Carmarthenshire.

The combination of business dealings, the county council's top brass and rugby bosses will therefore be strengthened if Mr Rupert Henry St. John Barker Moon is elected and, no doubt, catapulted into the top ranks of the "Independent" group.Whether that is a healthy state of affairs is something the citizens of Gorslas should reflect on.

Mr Moon says he is not motivated by politics, although he thinks the current ruling Independent-Labour coalition have done some good things. The question is, however, whose interests he would be serving if elected. If he is anything like some of his fellow "Independents", the answer would be: not the voters in his ward (just ask the people of Llandovery and Llandeilo).

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a potential conflict of interests to me.