Saturday 31 March 2012

Labour candidate tells us he's sexy and he knows it

The Labour Party has selected as its candidate for Glanaman (or Glanamman, as the party's website insists on calling it) a young man called Shahid Hussain, who might well have stepped straight out of an episode of The Apprentice.

Mr Hussain describes himself as a young entrepreneur, always on the look-out for an opportunity, and an aspiring politician. He describes his decision to stand as Labour's candidate in Glanaman as his first steps towards world domination.

When he's not on Facebook and Twitter, Mr Hussain runs some local garages, where he is proud to tell us that he only employs local people. As opposed, presumably, to bussing staff in from Birmingham to work for the minimum wage.

For the last couple of days he has been busy in an online spat with Adam Jones, a local man who is currently studying in Aberystwyth. Adam is an active member of Cymdeithas yr Iaith and puts a lot of energy and passion into encouraging other young people in the Glanaman area to use their Welsh.

The current councillor for Glanaman is David Jenkins (Plaid Cymru), a decent and thoughtful man. In common with other Labour candidates in Carmarthenshire, Mr Hussain faces a slight dilemma in that his party has not got around to telling us what its plans are for the county council. But that doesn't matter to Mr Hussain, who believes that,

so if i beat david jenkins by being popular and not on policies itd be good win? Haha #sexyandiknowit

As for David Jenkins, Mr Hussain follows this reference up with a confession:

* havent a clue who david is*

But who needs policies in politics? Sex is the main thing, as this 31 year-old business veteran tells us,

old saying in business-"sex sells" and im #sexyandiknowit lol 

Sex rears its head again in Mr Hussain's Twitter stream of consciousness when he declares

was it gay porn? oh sorry thats just rugby! ;) haha

Will Mr Hussain be repeating that little joke when he goes canvassing at the rugby club, I wonder?

Labour's website for the council elections in Carmarthenshire is pretty much a Welsh-free zone, and Mr Hussain's own pages contain a long biography in English in which he tells us he is married with two sons. He lists his donations to good causes, including some raffle prizes and breakfast bowls, plus a £300 donation to a local school for a booklet warning of the dangers of rug abuse.

Like most parents, he's probably got fed up with having to tell children to wipe their feet before they walk on the rugs.

When challenged about his knowledge of Welsh in this strongly Welsh-speaking area, Mr Hussain simply blasts back with

who says im not learning welsh? Small steps! And at least people know who i am,most ppl in glanaman havnt a clue! #showmyface

So is he learning the language or not? He doesn't seem very keen to tell us. Judging from his tweets, his reading would seem to be confined to Piers Morgan's autobiography. He also boasts that he has appeared in The Guardian three weeks running, something I am sure won't have gone unnoticed on the streets of Glanaman.

So there you are. For the people of Glanaman the choice boils down to David Jenkins and his party's detailed plans for the county, or Shahid and sex.

Beth yw sexy yn Gymraeg, Shahid?

One of Shahid's mates, this time standing for Labour in Tycroes, is Calum Higgins. Calum is also on Twitter, and one of his latest pronouncements was

Best performance from Ed at the ballot box yet.

Presumably he was not thinking about Bradford West and George Galloway.

But that's enough twats tweets for one day.

Actually, not quite. A couple of readers have pointed out some particularly nasty comments made by Mr Hussain. One of them appears to have been deleted, but here he is commenting on a suggestion from another idiot that councillors should be elected according to how fast they are on a travelator. What a lol.

Gutted that no one has taken up my natural selection election idea. Whoever can win a travelator race is elected
i would so kick david jenkins ass at that, he may pop a hip or something! Lol ;-)


Anonymous said...


Great post. I enjoyed reading it on a dull Saturday morning. I was a Labour Party member until 2002 when the war criminal Blair decided to take us to war.

After joining Plaid I realised the extent to which Labour was utterly disconnected from life in west Wales. "Vote fodder at the soggy end of the M4" summed it up for me.

Now the tide has turned. Leanne Wood will be taking the fight to Labour in the Valleys and hopefully they will come to share my realisation.

Anonymous said...

can you provide a link to these websites you mention?

Cneifiwr said...

To the Anon who commented with details on a particularly nasty tweet, could you let me know the date when this was published?

Cneifiwr said...

The Carmarthenshire Labour Party website can be found at

As for Shahid Hussain's Twitter feed, you can find him under


Be warned though that there is some pretty offensive stuff there.

Jac o' the North, said...

Hussain sounds like the sort of young man typical of modern politics, which has become nothing more than another way of promoting oneself.

That, I can understand, human nature being being what it is. What I can't understand is why the Labour Party chose him.

Anonymous said...

he's a liability rofl