Sunday 3 May 2015

Silent witness

A reliable source who has been chatting to a high profile Labour insider has been in touch to say that the issue of the Labour-led county council in Carmarthenshire has been proving highly toxic on the doorstep in the general election campaign, so much so that the party is preparing "not so much an inquest as an autopsy" to work out what went wrong.

Kevin Madge, who was seen lurking in the crowd of mainly bussed-in supporters when Labour staged its campaign launch in Ammanford, has been largely confined to barracks over the last few weeks.

Let's hope they give him a general anaesthetic before the scalpels come out.


Anonymous said...

Well I have to say that this has been the oddest election I have ever known.

I live in Carmarthen - nobody has been to my house canvassing. Not a single person. I have recieved some stuff through the post but it seems that door knocking is now a thing of the past.

I truly believe Carmarthenshire Labour have given up in Carmarthen. Yesterday morning the town was buzzing. Plaid were out doing their best with PHG and so were UKIP but Labour were nowhere to be seen. Odd.

It will be Plaid for me to punish local Labour - maybe if and when they get their act together I will return to the fold but not until they start acting like a Labour group and that means they exercise the power, not the officers and no deals with the Tory independents. It would be much much better if they opposed for a while.

There should be some soul searching amongst all Labour councillors. Are they all comfortable with public speaking - if not they have to step down cos in this age of steaming their contributions can be seen and scrutinised by thousands of electors and commented upon. Watching the last debate on the parking issue in Llanelli was just embarrassing.

Local Labour is a toxic brand at the moment. I follow local politics but many of my friends who don't also know the issues and many have come to the same conclusion as me. I'm afraid it should be curtains for Mr Madge at the very least and would be a good start !!!

Anonymous said...

Strange I was in Carmarthen town yesterday and I saw Labour out canvassing . The same is Plaid & Labour should be trying to oust the Tory - there should be no Tories in Wales
IN Carmarthen East- is there a Green or Lib Dem candidate - no leaflets and only a few days to go

Anonymous said...

Is that Carmarthen East or West?

Cneifiwr said...

Take your pick, Anon @11.09. Not forgetting our friends down in Llanelli, of course.

Anonymous said...

Labour canvassed me on my doorstep and yes I gave them a barracking for their local council behaviour. Shameful conduct by a political grouping