Thursday 19 February 2015

A Big Day for Hengoed

Voters will go to the polls in Hengoed today to elect a new county councillor and a new member of Llanelli Rural Council.

This must be one of the most hotly contested local government by-elections anywhere, with six candidates standing for the county council seat. If the 2012 result is anything to go by, a few votes either way will decide it.

Labour's standard line in pretty much any election in Wales is that the result will send a message to Westminster. Of course it won't, but it will send a message to Carmarthen.

If you think Madge, Meryl and Mark are doing a great job, vote Labour for business as usual. If not, vote for Martin Davies and Susan Phillips.

Pob lwc iddyn nhw.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I note that Susan Phillips was comfortably elected but Martin Davies only narrowly missed out.

I'm not being funny Cneifiwr but in that leaflet you have reproduced Susan looks smart and presentable. She gives the air of somebody who's competent, Martin however looks dishevelled and less professional.

If Susan Davies had stood for the County Council ward I believe she would have been successful.

I'm not saying everybody bases their voting decisions solely on photos, but nobody could deny that image is one of the most vital components of gaining (or losing) political support (look at Miliband's image, for instance.)

I think it's the candidate selection wot lost the county council seat for Plaid Cymru - and I feel the party's victory on the community council solidifies my view.

A big disappointment to lose out on the main prize for Plaid Cymru supporters like yourself Cneifiwr, but really, mamgu should have learnt him: scrub up and have a haircut long before your locks reach your shoulders!