Friday 17 October 2014

Christmas Shopping

This blog recently questioned Cllr Meryl Gravell's absence from meetings of the full council in September and October, as well as a meeting earlier this week of the Executive Board.

The piece attracted a great deal of criticism, with a couple of comments saying in no uncertain terms that it was in very poor taste to criticise someone who was nursing her husband who was gravely ill.

Under the circumstances, Cneifiwr felt it was better to delete the offending piece and make an apology for any offence caused.

It is therefore with considerable relief that we can report that things appear to have taken a turn for the better because no sooner had the apology been published than someone bearing an uncanny resemblance to Mrs G was spotted at Leekes in Cross Hands wreathed in smiles and pushing a trolley full of Christmas goodies.

The veteran councillor has also found time in the last week or so to provide the council's press office with quotes for some of their press releases, including this one here with a picture.


Anonymous said...

To be honest I think its a bit creepy that you seem to be reporting on her movements about the place.

Next thing you will be reporting on what time she goes to bed, what she has for tea etc.

If she is nursing a sick relative do you expect her to stay in the house and enter a period of purdah from the rest of society.

Im afraid you are a little off beam with this personalisation of your apparent hatred towards Ms Gravel.

Anonymous said...

Of course, if your off on sick or have family problems you should in no way whatsoever be seen in public and whatever you do make sure you maintain your glum look or somebody might report it to a blogger. If your husbands I'll, don't go shopping- it's obviously not allowed.

I for one am being to find the personal nature of some blog posts distasteful and a bit obsessive. Who the hell would want to be a councillor if it's considered socially acceptable to report personal movements on a blog, if you leave your house somebody tweets about it. This is gutter press, and your better than it Cneifiwr.

Anonymous said...

He can't be that bad then?

Cneifiwr said...

Let's make it clear, I do not hate Mrs Gravell. She is on a salary of just under £29,000 a year to perform her duties. If she is free to go shopping in Leekes, she is free to attend meetings.

If she were on benefits and had behaved in this way, what do you think the response of social services would have been?

Anonymous said...

i dont get your logic cneifiwr:

people on benefits if they miss work should not be able to go shopping at any point? your inabliity at some point to attend a meeting directly relates to you ablity to take some time and go shopping at some point?
quite obviousy you have indepth knowledge of her husband's minute by minute condition. i find it quite offensive that you thin becasue she gets £29,000 a year that her movements in private are reportable and in the public interest. Maybe somebody should follow all council staff who earn £29,000? By your logic they should not go out in public if they are on sick leave or special leave for family care? how would your blog treat them? (or are they entilted to privacy).
Leverson made no difference at all.

Anonymous said...

Another misguided comment from Cneifiwr! Benefits have absolutely nothing at all to do with Social Services.
You really are off beam on this one. I have no idea of the personal circumstances of Mr Gravell ( and why would i/we) yet you feel able to comment on the state of his health or otherwise. Indeed , if Mrs Gravell is providing care and support for her husband she should be congratulated and supported in her role as a carer NOT vilified on this page for doing a bit of early Christmas shopping! Maybe she is trying to get herself organised so she can be a wife, Mum, Cllr and carer. Ever thought that maybe she has been absent as meetings clashed with doctors/hospitals etc.
You really do need to stop this.

Cneifiwr said...

Anon@15.35 and 15.18 I think you have both lost the plot.

Cllr Gravell is not a member of staff but an elected politician who is paid handsomely to be a member of the Executive Board. She is well beyond the age of retirement and is very well off. She also bears a great deal of responsibility for the current dire state of local government in Carmarthenshire.

Remember the monkeys and peanuts? Remember the rabble speech? Remember what she said about councillors who listened to concerned parents with children in village schools? Remember what she said not so long ago about children and play grounds? And there is much more where that comes from.

Oh, and you've also overlooked the PR stuff she has managed to fit into this busy schedule, including a trip to Llanwrda - just a short hop from Llandovery.

Anonymous said...

Her status as employee or Cllr is irrelevant to this debate. If she is not able to make meetings due to other commitments which must take priority then she should be afforded the same response as if she were an employee.
I do wonder what you would do if you found yourself in such a situation of conflict?

Anonymous said...

Cyneifwr you really are taking the biscuit.

You generally run a good local policies blog, even if it is a bit Plaid tinged but your seemingly personal hatred towards Mrs Gravell really does let you down.

Get rid of the personal stuff and concentrate on policies. It really is bad form to be personal like this.

Anonymous said...

Sorry cneifiwr, but you've lost my respect on this one. I don't think we own councillors outside of the chamber, just because they are paid allowance. It's a sad thing that this blog is being taken up by reports of where somebody has gone shopping. Think if that - and think about who has lost the plot.

Anonymous said...

Her husband has had a joint replacement.There aren't many jobs that give you 6 months off for your partners new hip or knee

Anonymous said...

The fact that she is beyond retirement age and well off is equally irrelevant!

Cneifiwr said...

Anon@18.41 - when people ludicrously start trying to portray her as a mum battling to get by, it is very relevant. If she can't make a meeting once a month and fit her shopping trips and other appointments around it, she should throw the towel in.

I suspect a lot of council staff would agree, remembering how she has described their efforts in the past.

Anonymous said...

Last meeting lasted 1hr 29m,Travelling to meeting and
back 1 hour max.= 2hr and half.I think he would have
survived on his own in that time.Join replacements?,i
though he was actually ill.Sorry but got to keep tabs on
these people,the same as they do to other people,council
employees etc.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Edwards took paternity leave during Parliamentary term time: should he have left his house to shopping at any point? He"s paid even more handsomely: £64,000. I'm only following your own logic Cneifiwr

Redhead said...

Councillor Mrs Gravell's husband is no different to other partners who have had joint replacements. Aside from the first few days when they need to establish a routine (when help from others may be very welcome) millions of such people then are able to look after themselves - indeed many live alone and have no choice.

Assuming Mrs Gravell's life partner is making a normal recovery she should be back at the job which pays her so handsomely.