Wednesday 23 July 2014

Silly season

Some might say that it's always Silly Season at Carmarthenshire's Press Office, but every so often they surpass themselves. The latest gem is a breathless report on the appointment of a temporary "camping concierge" at Pembrey County Park.

Pictured sitting in the tent alongside the successful applicant, Kieran, is none other than Cllr Meryl Gravell wearing what looks like a pair of retro sofa covers converted into one of those "cozee" all-in-ones you see advertised in the back pages of Sunday colour supplements.

Perhaps readers with more knowledge of the fashion scene can enlighten us. Also, is it my imagination, or is Meryl sending a two-fingered message to the rabble public?

Cllr Meryl Gravell gets a taste of canvass life with Carmarthenshire tourism officer Rhys Anthony in the course of looking for a camping concierge. Pic: Ron Cant
Happy Campers

Meryl is always keen to ensure that jobs go to the best possible candidates, so obviously no local people were up to scratch, and Kieran had to be shipped in from Hereford on the other side of Offa's Dyke.

Perhaps he could be the next Director of Social Care, Health and Housing, because the Appointments Committee - Directors is due to try to choose one tomorrow (post advertised in the Sunday Times), or even the new Director of Technical Services after the last abortive attempt to appoint one was derailed at the last minute in highly unusual circumstances.

As we brace ourselves for the next round of cuts, it's good to know that the Press Office is still there to keep our spirits up with some good news stories.


Jac o' the North, said...

And to think, that until now, I'd always admired Meryl Gravell for her dress sense.

Then again, it could be a cheap remake of The African Queen . . . except that the interloper don't look much like Bogart, and Herself bears as much resemblance to Katharine Hepburn as I do.

m1books said...

Whilst pleased for the young man who has landed the job at the fastest crowing(sic) campsite in Wales (well MrsG does quite a lot of crowing) I do find it sad that from 'scores' of applicants that this dream job has not gone to a local young person. All the colleges run Tourism & Leisure courses, some up to degree level and local knowledge of the area and language should have been a requirement. And will anybody want to apply for those Directors jobs given the current state of things at county hall. I guess so, the salaries will be mega...

Anonymous said...

Is this the Daily Mail? I could make many comments about Mrs Gravell but I think that criticizing her clothing is cheap.

Cneifiwr said...

Cheap but a source of endless amusement.

Mrs Angry said...

I quite agree with Anonymous. I think it is completely unnecessary to make fun of Mrs Gravell's outfit,as Cneifiwr has already done so, and therefore I shall not comment at all, except to say that although I have never been inside a tent, with or without a companion, if I was tempted to experiment in this way I would also ensure the tent was unzipped at all times, and probably protect myself with the same sort of all in one cosysuit/fold up chair, as modelled in the photograph.

Which reminds me, Cneifiwr: when are we going on that caravan holiday in Port Talbot? Weather forecast looks dodgy, but I have been given permission to borrow my daughter's Glastonbury wellies.

If you ask nicely.