Wednesday 14 May 2014

Drastic measures

Mark James has returned to work as chief executive of Carmarthenshire County Council, and will no doubt receive a warm welcome from Meryl Gravell and others when he makes his grand entrance at today's council meeting.

The Carmarthen Journal marks the occasion on its front page with a picture of Mr James above a headline which reads "Shooting cow was last resort", although that turns out to be reference to an unfortunate incident on the A48 rather than anything to do with measures used by the council boss to deal with some of his more vocal critics.

Unfortunately the picture of the CJ's front page appears to be playing havoc with the post again, so you'll just have to buy the paper for yourselves.

A brief report on this month's council meeting will follow in due course.


Anonymous said...

RE Fire Service Notice of Motion Why did the chairman who is a PLAID County Councillor allow a extra item to be put on the agenda and then the public and press had to leave the meeting and the members of the FIRE AUTHORITY only had their papers 4 days before the meeting when it should have been 7 days , so what is going on, a Local County Councillor sending our FIRE CONTROL to BRIDGEND. what next

Anonymous said...

Did you hear him on taro post yesterday! He said that people shouldn't 'codi bwganod'. Roughly translated as people shouldn't scaremonger! A Carmarthenshire member standing up for his county... Atrocious.

Anonymous said...

As somebody who has had the "pleasure" of working within MAWW I can tell you straight that the Authority is a toothless one full of ageing, dozing and not very bright councillors. It is led by the nose down many a garden path by Snr officers, one in particular who treats the place like a private domain, bulling, favouratism and nepotism being rife there.