Friday 6 December 2013

Democracy postponed

Having said that it would not go in for a comprehensive reorganisation of local government, it now seems that Carwyn Jones's dithering administration is inching towards a major shake-up. One of the strongly rumoured changes will be a merger of Ceredigion and Powys to create a gigantic rural council.

The last round of local elections was in 2012, and voters would normally have headed back to the polls in 2016. Thanks to a decision by Carl Sargeant, the date was pushed back by a year to 2017 in order to avoid holding elections to the Senedd at the same time. The Senedd elections themselves have been delayed by a year to avoid a clash with the Westminster general election.

Now it seems that there may be a further one-year delay to 2018 while the government reshuffles the local authority pack.

Good news for rotten councils everywhere which will not have to face disgruntled voters for six years.


Anonymous said...

As a resident of Ceredigion this won't be the worst outcome. Our authority has decent senior officers but we're not big enough for economies of scale. An ex-police neighbour of mine used to refer to the 'Golden Triangle (Llanelli-Carmarthen-Haverforswest) Ceredigion and Powys seem to miss out so we're better as together.

Iestyn said...

Byddai uno Powys a Ceredigion yn drychinebus i ddyfodol y Gymraeg. Mae'r cyngor yn ddigon cyndyn i weithredu dros fuddiannau Cymry Cymraeg ei staff fel mae hi.

Gobeithio bod y si arbennig hwn yn ddim mwy na hynnny!

Emlyn Uwch Cych said...

Na, Iestyn, rwy'n credu fydd hyn yn debygol iawn o ddigwydd.

Mae'r gweithdrefnau addysg ym mynd i gael eu huno rhwng Ceredigion a Phowys yn barod.

Rwy'n cytuno na fydd hyn yn dda i'r Gymraeg. Paham na gawn ni uno'r Fro Gymraeg ar hyd y Gorllewin yn un awdurdod fel mae Adam Price yn ei awgrymu?