Wednesday 9 October 2013

Council Meeting October 9


Today's meeting attracted quite a lot of attention outside Carmarthenshire, and I have already been contacted by several people who are familiar with the workings of councils elsewhere.

It is always useful to get the views of outsiders, and the reactions are of shock and amazement at the culture which has been allowed to develop in our county council. Rude, patronising, arrogant and smug are among the publishable words. One wrote, "I cannot believe the way the chief executive talks to councillors".

The trouble is that it's been going on for so long, we have come to think that this is normal.


Not the usual post-match analysis because work means that Cneifiwr will not be able to get round to watching the meeting until the weekend. If you missed it, the broadcast should be available in the archive from some point tomorrow here.

By all accounts today's meeting was the usual travesty, with Labour and the Independents combining to shoot down criticism of the downgrade (sorry, "upskilling and reconfiguration") of accident and emergency services at Llanelli's Prince Philip Hospital.

Attempts by councillors to discuss the current scandals involving the libel indemnity and pensions tax dodge were also quashed, thanks to the usual manipulation and innovative interpretations put on the rule book by the Prevention of Democracy department.

So there we are. The two biggest issues in Carmarthenshire at the moment. One voted down, and the other ignored.


Anonymous said...

Stifling democracy they mean! CCC should read their customer service charter.

Jac o' the North, said...

Can't be long now . . .

Anonymous said...

Another sad day for democracy in Carmarthenshire. The lack of back bone and ability within this Labour-Independent coalition is frightening.

Anonymous said...

A travesty indeed.How can councillors be so controlled by a chief executive.Are they really that stupid? I would love to know what they fear.Surely ward members of councillors who are supporting the chief executive are asking questions.
What on earth is the Welsh government doing!

Anonymous said...

Ystrad Owen for instance or Llanelli to Carmathen West Wales General. If you need emergency care as made out here by Plaid and others you will have a stay in hospital unless you just have a bad arm or broken toe.
If you travel from Llanelli or Ysrad Owen it would cost you FIFTY odd pounds a week including PARKING FEES.

Anonymous said...

"I cannot believe the way the chief executive talks to councillors". Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour and abuse of power is prevalent in CCC. For the sake of the public and long suffering employees the Cllrs need to stand together, challenge this behaviour and put a stop to it.

Cllrs, they work for you and you work for the public and the employees at the hands of these bullies. Please search you heart, mind and conscience? Their well being is in your hands.